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$32,000.00 CDN - File 102 - 160 Acres in Murphy Township


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A very nice hunting property just south of LITTLE GOOSE LAKE

In fact, the northwest corner of the property is only 221 feet away from the lake.


Murphy Township is within the boundary of the City of Timmins so that makes Murphy Township AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.


A review of the patent documents show that;


TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY (other than the Pine Trees which are reserved to the Crown)

Mineral rights belong to the Crown.


From the aerial photos it appears that the property is heavily forested with trees.

We have NOT BEEN to the property so we are unable to comment on the type of softwood trees on the property nor can we comment on the age of the trees.

If the trees are not ready to harvest now then that is OK as in the next 10-15 years they will be.


Located in WMU (Wildlife Management Unit) 30


The City of Timmins has a rule that if a property DOES NOT front on a municipally maintained road then YOU ARE LIMITED to what you can build on the property.

In this case you can build what is referred to as “A HUNT CAMP”.

A hunt camp can have a base area up to 500 square feet and can be of seasonal use only.

You cannot live in the camp year round.


A 160 acre property is a good sized property.

That is a half mile square.

That is a lot of property to hunt and when you factor in all the Crown land that adjoins this property to the west and to the east, then you have about another 1,600 acres of Crown land to hunt and wander around on.

That is a lot of land to hunt on!


About 640 acres of Crown land adjoins the property to the west.

About 960 acres of Crown land adjoins the property to the east.


The Contour map indicates that the property is quite level and there are no swamp symbols on the property so it would stand to reason that the property is dry.


Access to the property is off Highway 655.

You can drive a truck a certain distance and then you will have to park your vehicle and use an ATV or ARGO on a trail that at one time would have been a winter road for the last 1.3 kilometers to the southwest corner of the property.

The trail/winter road runs along the south line of the property in an west/east direction and continues on east to other properties.


HST is NOT APPLICABLE to this sale.

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