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$18,000.00 US - File 109- Hunting land in Bucke Township


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A real nice hunting property is located in Bucke Township which is part of the Municipality of Temiskaming Shores in northeastern Ontario just south of New Liskeard, Ontario.

The property size is 39.6 acres.

Bucke Township is an Organized Township.

Accessed by going down a gated gravel road off Highway 11.
The only people who have a key to the gate are property owners past the gate.
Really only about 10-15 minutes from Highway 11 to the property.
ACCESS ONLY by truck in the NON-WINTER MONTHS or by snowmobile in winter.
No one maintains or plows the road in winter.

A creek flows through the property and a small pond borders the property on the west side and in the southeast corner.

THE TREES HAVE NOT BEEN HARVESTED and there are some really nice stands of Jack Pine trees that YOU OWN!
There are really nice trees, tall and big.


The northwest corner of the property lies about 40 feet south of the travelled road.

The property line runs parallel from that corner to the road about that distance south for about 500 feet and the the road veers off to the left after that.

PLEASE SEE the aerial photograph showing the property lines in relation to the gravel road.


The property is zoned RU (Rural Area) and uses for that zoning are  described as follows;
"The Rural Area will be conserved for the management or use of natural and renewable resources, principally agriculture, minerals, mineral aggregates, and the protection of natural heritage and water features.

Recreational activities, and infrastructure and public service facilities appropriate to the rural setting (e.g.waste management
facilities, communication energy facilities) may also be permitted.

No residential development is allocated to the Rural Area."


The property enjoys a rolling type of terrain and there is lots of sand and gravel throughout the property plus as you can see by the aerial photos there is a nice area along the creek that the moose like to hang out in.

The roads are real good for driving around on or ATV’ing in this area.

Many locations to place your trailer on in hunting season.
Just level out your site and camp away!

Our contacts say this is a good hunting area for moose, black bear and small game.
In fact we saw one moose walking down the road.

We saw grouse (partridge) and rabbits while on the property.

If you like to go blueberry picking then you will be excited about this property as there are lots of blueberry picking opportunity on this property and in the area.
On a trip in that area in August we met one person who has a property past this one who says that he comes during MUSHROOM season to pick chanterelle mushrooms.
Says there are lots if you know where to look (but didn’t offer to share the locations with us).

Plenty of good fishing in the nearby lakes, especially in Sharpe Lake which is really close by.
Distance to this property is;
From Toronto to this property it is 503 km.
From Barrie to this property it is 392 km.
From North Bay to this property it is 145 km.
From Hamilton to this property it is 536 km

The City of Temiskaming Shores is not far up the highway (about 15 minutes) and that is where you can do all your shopping, banking buy supplies and more.
The City of Temiskaming Shores is a bustling community composed of the three former municipalities of Haileybury, New Liskeard and Dymond. The community is located at the head of beautiful Lake Temiskaming that stretches over 100 kilometers south before becoming the Ottawa River. The City is the service and commercial hub of a large agricultural, forestry and mining region. There are several excellent hotels, restaurants, banks, building suppliers to look after all your needs.

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