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$65,000.00 CDN - File 111 - A LARGE 25.1 Acre cottage lot on the FrederickHouse Lake.


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A LARGE LAKEFRONT PROPERTY located northeast of the City Of Timmins, in beautiful Northeastern Ontario.

This property is located about 32 kilometres northeast of Timmins in Evelyn Township which is within the boundary of the City of Timmins.

Evelyn Township is an organized township and any building permits will be from the City of Timmins.

The property is zoned for seasonal cottage dwellings and there is no minimum or maximum size restrictions.

This is a large cottage property that is 10.16 Hectares or 25.1 acres in size.

The property enjoys about 212 meters or about 695 feet of lake frontage.



This is one of the very few undeveloped large parcels of land on Frederick House Lake!

There are three large properties side by side

Crown Lands abuts the property on the west side and the south side and of course you have the lake on the east side.

The property is fully wooded with good mature stands of Spruce, Poplar and Birch trees.

The property is level throughout and to our knowledge there are no swampy areas on the property.

The surveyor tells that the property is about 8-12 feet above the lake water so there is no fear of flooding.

It is fully wooded with mature trees right down to the shoreline.

This property can be your own piece of land for building your camp, skiing, snowmobiling, or just listening to the haunting call of the loon at sunrise.

It’s all yours when you become the proud owner of this valuable wilderness estate with plenty of space to enjoy a freedom unique to one of Northern Ontario’s last wilderness frontiers.

As a retreat for relaxation, or a hunting or fishing camp, this location is ideal with its immediate access to Frederick House Lake and many thousands of acres of Crown Land in this part of the Canadian Shield.

When the seller was at the property last weekend there were moose tracks and droppings absolutely everywhere, as well as bear tracks and bear scat.

He says he spooked a bunch of grouse as he was hiking around.

The seller states that about 80% of the property (I would estimate) is pretty dense with bush.

There's a mixture of trees such as birch, poplar and spruce.

You could literally fish and hunt while staying at your cottage, cabin or camp, and do it all on the same trip!



Mining rights and surface rights come with the property.

Trees are reserved to the Crown.

That said, you are free to use dead trees and such.


ABOUT FREDERICK HOUSE LAKE                                                                                                                                                                              Frederick House Lake is about 32 kilometers or 20 miles northeast of Timmins, Ontario, about 8 kilometers or 5 miles north of Ontario Highway 101 and about 8 kilometers or 5 miles southeast of the Trans-Canada Highway and about 25 kilometers or 16 miles northwest of the point where the two highways meet.

The lake is about 10 kilometers or about 6.2  miles long.

The widest part of the lake is about 5.5 kilometers or about 3.4 miles wide.

The narrowest part of the lake is about 3.2 kilometers or about 2 miles wide.

According to the MNR Fish-On-Line website;

-  the Frederick House Lake has a surface area of 104.3 Hectares or about 257.7 acres.

-  the deepest part of the lake is 19.4 meters or about 63.6 feet.

-  the average depth of the lake is 5.4 meters or about 17.7 feet.

-  fish found in this lake include Northern Pike, Walleye, Sauger, Yellow Perch, Lake Whitefish and White Sucker.




Access to the property is by water access from the Village of Connaught or from Barbers Bay which are both situated at the south end of Frederick House Lake.

The boat ride is approximately 4 kilometers (about 2.6 miles) or an 8-15 minute boat ride depending on what size motor you have on your boat.

Another way to access the property could be by a forest access road off the Ice Chest Lake Road which is west of the property about 1.6 kilometers (1 mile).

In the recent past the Crown had the timber harvested on Crown land west of this property and one of the timber roads comes to within about 138 meters or about 450 feet of the rear of the property.

If you apply for a permit the Crown may allow you to eventually make an ATV trail or perhaps build a short road to the rear of the property.

In winter you can get to these forest roads by snowmobile.



There is a very current survey available for this property and all the corners have a metal stake and are quite clearly marked so they are easy to find.


If you're looking for some peace, tranquility, good times, enjoying the outdoors; this property might be for you.



We won’t know what the 2021  annual property taxes will be until after June 2021 but we estimate that they should be in the $400 - $500 range.


Frederick House Lake is traditionally a popular destination for boating and fishing in the non- winter months and ice fishing and snowmobiling in winter.

Frederick House Lake has much to offer anglers.

Fish in these waters include Pike, Pickerel, White fish & Sager.

In the non-winter months you can use your boat or fish right off of shore.



It is not uncommon to view wildlife right on your property.

Here you will find magnificent views of water and clean fresh air and a quiet, healthy environment of your very own.

Moose and black bear are frequently seen in this part of Northern Ontario, with an abundance of fox,

wolf and rabbit as well.

Among the many bird species are ducks, geese, owls, cranes, sparrows and


The vast Crown Lands to the west and in the area provide great hunting possibilities.



The Community of Connaught

The Community of Connaught is located on the south shore of the Frederick House Lake.

Connaught is east of the City of Timmins and it falls within the city limits.

The population of Connaught and area is about 400 people.

There is a local volunteer fire department.

The Connaught Volunteer Fire Department is a part of the City of Timmins first response team dedicated to the safety and protection of Timmins residents.

The largest community within an 80 kilometer or 50 mile radius is Timmins.

It is located about 21 miles [33 km] to the southwest of Connaught.

The next largest community is Cochrane.

It is located about 31 miles [ km] to the north of Connaught

(Please keep in mind that when we give a distance, it's a 'straight-line' distance from Connaught).



From the Community Of Connaught.

From Timmins it is about 33 kilometers.

From Cochrane it is about 65 kilometers.

From Toronto it is about 693 kilometers.

From North Bay it is about 337 kilometers.

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