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$300,000.00 CDN - File 127- -HUGE PARCEL of 1536 acres of Patented Land


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This is a very unique property comprised of 45 patented mining claims that come with both SURFACE RIGHTS and MINERAL RIGHTS.

Located about 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) northeast of the Town of Kapuskasing , Ontario in the Townships of Clay and Howell.

There are existing forest roads leading north of Kapuskasing that come very close to this property.

The Mattagami River and the Kapuskasing River both flow through portions of the property so you can access the property by the two rivers.

The Crown lands to the west of this property had wood harvested some years ago and some of the old skid trails can still be seen on Google ariel photography.
Some of these skid trails come right into the property and get quite close within the property to the Kapuskasing River so who knows you may be able to take an ARGO for sure or maybe even an ATV to get to the river.

You can boat to the property for 35-40 kilometers.
Imagine fishing all the way?
It would be an awesome trip!
OF course you can fly to the property in a float plane and land on the Mattagami River.
At one point in front of the property the river is almost one mile wide so you should have plenty of room for landing and takeoff on floats.

Just south of the property the Groundhog River flows into the Mattagami River.

Northern Ontario is well-known for its many pristine rivers and lakes.

The Kapuskasing River is no different. It offers a beautiful setting to many sporting activities.
The river merges with the Mattagami River, flowing north (as part of the Arctic watershed) towards James Bay and Hudson Bay.
The local fresh water sport fish species are the walleye and pike.
Walleye (yellow pickerel) is a favorite among local anglers.
Coarse fish such as yellow perch, white sucker and lake whitefish are also common in these rivers.
With no perceptible current the Kapuskasing is more like a long and narrow lake than a river.
The amount of navigable water on this remote system is about as mind boggling as the fact that you see very few cottages along the river.

From the bridge on Highway 11 you can go downstream about 40 km to the Kapuskasing’s junction with the larger Mattagami River.
From there you could continue on the Mattagami north 25 km to Ontario Power Generation’s Little Long Dam or south 18km to Cypress Falls.
The 40km section of river offers a variety of structure & cover to offer good fishing for all sizes of walleye.

The Mattagami is also joined by the Groundhog which, under high water conditions, presents another 30 km to Whist Falls.
These wild, beautiful and unspoiled rivers are some of the longest natural rivers found in North America.

Being able to own a property of this size and in this location is a privilege.

Please Note that there is a 400 foot shoreline reservation along the banks of the rivers where you cannot build a cabin on.

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