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$95,000.00 CDN - File 130 - 42.70 Acres in Chamberlain Township in Northeastern Ontario $95,000 Canadian


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File 130 - 42.70 Acres in Chamberlain Township in Northeastern Ontario.


Chamberlain Township is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

Zoned Rural, this property has 228 Meters or almost 747 feet of frontage on the Aidie Creek Gardens Road and 785 meters or 2,576 feet of frontage along Partridge Road.

You have good access to all parts of your property.
From the Aidie Creek Gardens Road you can access the front of your property.

There is electrical power along the north side of this road and the power can be brought to the property.

You actually have a choice as to whether or not you wantr to hook up to the grid or be completly off the grid.

From Partridge Road you can access all parts of the property from the side.

Electrical power runs along the east side of Partridge Road.

There is a solar farm just north of this property on Partridge Road and this power line along this road may originate from the solar farm.

this may be an opportunity to have your own solar farm and sell power to the grid.


The property is relatively level throughout although there are some gullies that cross the property where a seasonal creek flows.

The mature timber was harvested some 10-15 years ago but there was not a lot of it.

There are remnants of old hay fields that are still evident.
It would take a little bit of work but the old fields can be brought back.


The seller has done his research and discussed his property with adjoining farmers and others in this area and has determined that the property has rich soil and that this soil is good for raising crops and hay.


A search of the original patent shows that the SURFACE RIGHTS and MINERAL RIGHTS COME WITH THE PROPERTY and that  ALL TREES COME WITH THE PROPERTY.

A review of the mining claim maps shows a full dark circle meaning that both surface and mineral rights come with the property.


Get yourself a couple of cows, a horse or two, maybe some sheep, some other livestock, let them loose and see how fast they can clear an area.

Clear the old fields, plant some root vegetables, greens and corn and call yourself a hobby farmer.

The basic idea is that a hobby farm is a small-scale farm that is primarily for pleasure instead of being a business venture.
The owner or owners of a hobby farm typically have a main source of income, like an off-farm job, a pension or retirement income.
Whatever the source, the point is that the farm does not have to make money -- it can be engaged in on a hobby level.
YOUR PAYOFF is that you can eat what you grow, and, you know where it came from.


How about your kids?
Like all parents, you want them to grow up well balanced, educated and have a world of opportunity.
Living on a farm provides them even more opportunities.
How many kids grow up with a horse and chickens, cats, dogs, a rabbit, deer etc and a whole farm to run around on?

Chamberlain Township offers its residents a quiet, peaceful, country lifestyle.
It is located only a few minutes from quality schools, recreational activities, health care, employment, shopping and other amenities in the Town of Englehart.

This could be your country living dream property.


there are two creeks within the property, one for sure is a small seasonal brook and depends on the snow melt and the amount of rain throughout the year, the other is a larger creek that rums in a north /south direction and it forms some small pools in places.


With a country lifestyle there is an abundance of wildlife in the area.
It is not unusual to see moose, bear, deer, wolves, coyotes, foxes, lynx, etc., along the concession roads, in fields, and even in your backyard.
In the spring and fall, huge flocks of geese are regular visitors to township fields.
A more recent addition to the township's plethora of wildlife has been sandhill cranes and raccoons.
Although there are no lakes in Chamberlain Township, there are many lakes and rivers within a short drive for fishing and recreational opportunities.

The RURAL ZONE allows for many permitted uses.
Permitted Main Uses
1. Agricultural Use
2. Ambulance Facility
3. Auction Hall
4. Camp
5. Catering Establishment
6. Cemetery
7. Commercial Greenhouse, Nursery or Garden Centre
8. Communications Facility
9. Conservation Use
10. Construction Yard or Contractor’s Yard
11. Duplex Dwelling
12. Mobile Home Dwelling
13. Semi-detached Dwelling
14. Seasonal Dwelling
15. Equestrian Establishment
16. Farm
17. Farm Produce Outlet
18. Hobby Farm
19. Forestry Use
20. Golf Course
21. Golf Driving Range
22. Livestock Facility
23. Livestock Sales Outlet
24. Logging Operation
25. Park
26. Personal Service Establishment
27. Place of Assembly
28. Place of Worship
29. Private Club
30. Recreational Commercial Establishment
31. Portable Sawmill
32. Service Outlet Shop
33. Shooting Range or Rifle Club
34. Tourist Outfitters Establishment
35. Wayside Pit


Chamberlain Township is a small but progressive municipality with the primary economic activities being agriculture and forestry.
Some live in the township to take advantage of the country lifestyle, but work in the neighbouring communities of Englehart, Kirkland Lake, Elk Lake and Temiskaming Shores.

Today, Chamberlain Township is home to approximately 350-370 people who work in forestry, agriculture, business, mining, transportation, education, health care and other services.

Most if not all driveways in Chamberlain Township have an entry culvert.
These entrance culverts belong to the land owner and not the Township of Chamberlain.
The Township cannot properly maintain the ditching and proper drainage of its roads if culverts are installed improperly or not properly maintained.
The size and type of any culvert being installed in the Township of Chamberlain is to be determined by the Road Superintendent.
Culverts and cover material are to be supplied by the landowner, but the Township will supply the equipment (loader/backhoe) to install the culvert.

Highway 11 cuts through the township intersecting all of the townships concession roads affording residents quick and easy access to that transportation artery.
By the same token, it allows emergency responders quick and easy access if required.
Kirkland Lake is less than a 30 minute drive north and Temiskaming Shores is just a little over 30 minutes to the south.
On the west side of the township, Hwy 573 provides quick and easy access to the Town of Charlton and also connects with Hwy 11 at the South Wye.

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