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$65,000.00 CDN - File 134- Hilma Lake property


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A unique and special opportunity to own a Hideaway property that incorporates bot hunting and fishing opportunity.

We offer this exciting opportunity to own two properties that abut each other and have a total of 145.5 acres of land with frontage on Hilma Lake just northeast of the City of Thunder Bay, in Northwestern Ontario.

The property frontage on Hilma Lake is on two areas of the lake.

First there is about 195 meters or about 640 feet on the south end of the lake.
Second there is about 823 meters or about 2,700 feet on the southeastern portion of the lake.
That is a total of 1,018 meters or about 3,340 feet of frontage on Hilma Lake (check out the aerial phots showing the property).
Those of you who understand metric will know that 1,018 meters is OVER 1 KILOMETER OF SHORELINE!

That is one large chunk of shoreline!

As an added bonus there is about 150 meters or about 495 feet of frontage on a small lake that touches the southern line of this fantastic property.

TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY (pines are reserved to the Crown)

The mineral rights went back to the Crown over 60 years ago.

Access to the property can be a number of ways.

If you own your own float plane then FLY into the lake.

In winter you can SNOWMOBILE into the lake.

In the non-winter months you can canoe and boat into the lake by going up the river and creek and portaging a few times and that can make for an exciting trip.
Or since the windmill farm was constructed to the northwest of the property you can drive pretty close to the lake and then ATV to the lake and perhaps even to the property by making ATV trails.

On a fly-over the property this week my associate Steve saw good evidence that there are trails leading to the lake and even some to this property.

Steve says he saw many snowmobile tracks leading to Hilma Lake so we know that the other property owners are most likely visiting their properties.

This is NOT flat swampy land but rather good hilly country that is well forested with a mix of Spruce trees, Poplar trees, Birch trees, some cedars and balsam trees.
You own all these trees that we just named.

You can fish Hilma Lake for Brooke Trout and Lake Trout.

The fishing apparently is awesome.
With only three other property owners on the lake there is virtually no fishing pressure on either the Brook Trout or the Lake Trout.

Hilma Lake has a surface area of 40 Hectares or 100 acres.
At 1.3 kilometers long, this is a decent sized lake.
The lake has a maximum depth of 11.9 meters or 39 Feet.
It has an average depth of 4.9 meters or 16 feet.

Because you can’t just get up and drive to the property you can imagine that the big game in that area is not continually bothered.
There are plenty of moose in this area and if you like black bear hunting then you will be in bear heaven

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