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$38,000.00 CDN - File 141 - 50.67 Acres in Toval Township in the Rainy River District $38,000 Canadian


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File 141 - 50.67 Acres in Toval Township in the Rainy River District $38,000 Canadian

Become a hobby farmer.
Use this as your private hunting preserve
Live here year round

A very nice 50.67 acre parcel of land in Toval Township.

This property was recently surveyed.

Toval Township is within the boundary of the Municipality of Lake Of The Woods in the Rainy River District of Ontario.
That means that Toval Township is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

Located only 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles from the VILLAGE of BERGLAND

the Town of Fort Frances is only 70 kilometers or 43.5 miles to the east of Pinewood.

The property has a frontage on Highway 619 of 260 meters or 853 feet and a depth of 788.93 meters or 2,588 feet for a total size of 50.67 acres.

Frontage is on the east side of the road.
The property faces west.

The portion of Highway 619 that the property is located on is north of Highway 600.

This road is OPEN YEAR ROUND and plowed in winter.

Electrical power is available along the road.

This is a well treed parcel of land that has a good mix of Poplar trees, Spruce trees, some Cedar trees, Birch trees and the odd Tamarck tree.


There are numerous game trails throughout this property where the deer wander back and forth.
Build your tree stands and bag your deer.

There is part of a nice big pond within the property and we know the game like to drink there and it is also very good for duck or goose hunting.

Located in WMU 7B
NOTE: there is a Non-Resident Guide Requirement in the Territorial District of Rainy River.

Hunting White-tailed Deer
White-tailed deer in Ontario are larger than most of their counterparts in the US in order to weather the chilly climate, so antler size is comparably vast.
While most white-tailed bucks average 140 to 250 pounds (63 to 114 k), Ontario bucks can top 300 pounds (136 kg).
Most hunt from tree stands or ground blinds near trails, rubs, scrapes, feeding areas, or by using drives to push deer to waiting stands.
Big-woods hunters use these same techniques in deer funnels and logging cuts, but also
incorporate still-hunting and tracking.

The property is zoned “RURAL”.
Permitted Uses
“Permitted uses in the Rural area include rural residential dwellings, farm related
residential dwellings, agriculture, greenhouses, horticulture, recreational uses,
institutional uses, commercial uses, including tourist commercial uses and industrial uses
including extraction and processing of peat for horticulture or fuel purposes, waste
disposal sites, pits and quarries. It is also the intent of the Rural designation to permit and
encourage such rural uses as forestry, resource management and conservation uses,
trapping and hunting, commercial fishing, baitfish harvesting, wildrice harvesting and
sustenance fishing by local First Nations. “

Lake of the Woods Township is on the South-Eastern shore of Lake the Woods.
It is comprised of the villages of Morson and Bergland, and most of the Lake from the International Border to the South of the Aulneau Penninsula and east to township of Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls.

The township is accessed primarily from Highway 621, although both highway 619 and 600 traverse the township.
The nearest main service area is Fort Frances, 110 km east of the Township.
In Fort Frances, there is access to various government departments, both Provincial and Federal. Fort Frances is also the main shopping area in the Rainy River District, but basic services and primary medical care are available in Rainy River, just 35 km West of the township.

While remnants of logging, farming, commercial fishing and trapping remain, the primary industry in Lake of the Woods township is tourism based on the natural resources of the Lake and surrounding wilderness.

Lake of the Woods has long been an angler’s dream.
Its rocky shores, marshy inlets and sandy bay provide ideal fish habitats and a perfect setting for sport fishing.
Anglers have many species to choose from, but walleye, northern pike and the ever elusive muskie are most often the subject of pictures and fishing tales.
The traditional shore lunch is a Lake of the Woods tradition you won’t want to miss.
Nothing taste better than your freshly caught fish cooked over an open fire.

Hunting opportunities abound as the lush boreal forest of Northwestern Ontario possess the natural cover and food supply necessary to produce trophy animals.
Outfitters can guide you to the backcountry areas where whitetail deer and black bear thrive. Here, you will also find quality hunting for timber wolves and small game.
Lake of the Woods township is also on the migration flyway for many species of waterfowl making this a choice area for bird hunters.
Duck and goose hunting is exceptional during the months of September and October.
Ground birds such as grouse are also abundant.

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