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$35,000.00 CDN - File 15  - 6.39 Acre Estate Lot East of Sault Ste. Marie


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File 15  - 6.39 Acre Estate Sized Lot






A beautiful 6.39 acre estate lot on Government Road in Laird Township


The Township of Laird is approximately twenty-nine miles east of Sault Ste. Marie.

We offer this property that has a frontage of 219.48 feet of frontage on Government Road.

Government Road is a YEAR ROUND road that is maintained and plowed by the Township.

Due to its close proximity to the Village of Echo Bay and the City of Sault Ste. Marie, this Township provides its residents and tourists with direct access to all the conveniences of the larger community while at the same time maintaining a relaxing atmosphere.

Accessibility to water bodies as well as open fields and wooded areas allow for endless seasonal activities for the young and old alike.

Collectively these factors make the Township of Laird an enjoyable place to live.


Aside from its natural beauty, this municipality has the advantage of its location along the Highway 17 corridor.

Highway 17 traffic has the potential to create commercial and tourist activity for the area.

Highway 17 also provides immediate access to larger centres.

It is along this highway where one can see the Township's commercial growth.

Agriculture is a big industry around here.

The Township of Laird allows residents to retain "the simple pleasures of yesterday" while at the same time providing them with the opportunities of today.


A great place to live and to raise your family or retire to.


The property is well forested with a mix of Poplar Trees, Maple Trees, some Oak Trees and the odd Birch Tree.

There are some pretty big trees on this property.

The size of the property is 219.48 feet wide at the road by a depth of 1,251.46 feet deep.


Laird Township is AN ORGANIZED so you will require a building permit for whatever you want to build.


The property slopes down from the front at the road to the rear of the property some 1,251 feet back.

The slope is pretty gradual so depending on where you build you might be able to get a WALK-OUT BASEMENT.


There are no services to this rural property.

There is electrical service available along the road and it just has to be brought to the building location you choose.

For water you will have to either dig or drill a well.

Locals tell us that there is plenty of water “down there” and as long as you get a good “water witcher” you will have water.

For sewer, you will need to place a septic field and tank.

The size is determined by the number of people and bathrooms that you have in the house.

The soil around this property is good so you shouldn’t be hauling in much gravel or sand.


A Survey of the property is available from the Registry Office in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


The zoning on this property is RURAL.

A review of the “RESOURCE SCHEDULE” of Schedule C of The Township Of Laird shows that the front portion of this property shows up as a “potential aggregate site”.

Wow, good to know that for the future.

Also good to know for the property owner as now you know where you can get your gravel from to build as long a driveway as you want with your own aggregate.


Within the Rural Policy Area, the following mix of land uses will be recognized:

  1. a) Rural Residential
  2. b) Rural Commercial
  3. c) Rural Industrial
  4. d) Rural Parks and Open Space
  5. e) Rural Waste Disposal
  6. f) Rural Locally Significant Agriculture
  7. g) Rural Forestry


The Rural Policy Area shall permit uses related primarily to the management or use of resources and resource-based recreational activities. The land use pattern shall be made up of a mix of land uses which include rural residential uses, commercial uses, industrial uses, public spaces, parks and open space, public service facilities, resource activities, sleep cabin, hunt camp or fish camp, and existing private commercial Airports. Other features include natural heritage features and areas.

Accessory buildings and structures to any of the foregoing uses shall be permitted.

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