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File 151SP - 12 Acres of Island Living on Beautiful Manitoulin Island - $299,000


$299,000 CDN

12 Acres

Property Description








According to MPAC this property has a total of 60 acres.  Roughly 48 of the 60 acres in underwater.

This gives you a total of 12 acres to work with.

A review of the contour maps shows that the Southeast corner of the property is high and dry.

This would be the ideal area to build your future home.

By building in the Southeast corner you will be closest to the road, which makes it easier for access.

Robinson Township is considered unorganized, but it is managed under the Manitoulin Planning Board.

The property has 1,320 feet of frontage along Mason Line, which is a paved road.

Current seasonal residence along Mason Line have been approaching the Board to add winter maintenance along this section of Mason Line.

In recent years, there has been a seasonal resident on Mason Line, who has been staying during the winter months and clearing the snow privately.

Hydro runs along Mason Line, which can be brought into the property.



The current owner has applied and payed for a septic application.

This application survives the title transfer and will go to the new owner.

Once you purchase this property you can install a septic system right away, without having to apply for a new permit.


Why Manitoulin is Easy to Like

Spend your summers at your property on Manitoulin Island or retire to your property on Manitoulin Island.

It’s nestled along the north shore of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada and is one of the most geographically diverse rural spots you’ll find anywhere.

It’s a place of forest, farmland, clean inland lakes and ocean-like shore along the Lake Huron coastline.

these are the reasons people enjoy living here:

Quiet, authentically rural community.

Less regulations and red tape than many other places.

Clean lakes everywhere

Friendly people

Abundant wildlife

Good business opportunities


Robinson Township is considered an unorganized township, but it is managed under the Manitoulin Planning Board.

The Manitoulin Planning Board was created by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing under the Planning Act. The Board is composed of 10 members representing eight municipalities and two unincorporated townships on Manitoulin.

The Planning Board’s responsibilities include administration of the Official Plan for the Manitoulin Planning Area, implementation of the Zoning By-law for the unincorporated Townships of Dawson and Robinson, the review and approval of applications for land division (Consent and Subdivision), and other tasks under the Planning Act.



The property has 1,320 feet of frontage along Mason Line, which is a paved road.

This section of Mason Line is not maintained in the winter.

Current residence along Mason Line have been approaching the Board to add winter maintenance along this section of Mason Line.

Hyrdo run along Mason Line and in front of the subject property.



Manitoulin Island is home to some of Ontario’s most picturesque landscapes and hiking trails.

You can climb or cycle along these trails towards breathtaking cliffs, waterfalls, and provincial parks.

Residents and property owners also enjoy the fact they can walk out the door to bow hunt for deer and grouse or jump into a boat to catch a trophy bass, pike or walleye.

There is enough space to grow your own fruits and vegetables.


Just retire here and relax.



The property is zoned RURAL

As per the official plan you can farm here and /or build your residence here.


Lands designated as Rural Areas on Schedule B are intended to protect the natural amenities of the District and provide opportunities for rural and other agricultural and resource-based activities.


Permitted uses will include agriculture, farm related and secondary uses as well as resource-based activities, such as forestry, and other rural uses that are not appropriate in Urban Areas, Village Areas, Shoreline Areas, or Agriculture Areas, as well as limited residential development in accordance with consent policies of Section F.4.4.2, where appropriate. Farm-related commercial and farm related industrial uses will include such uses that are small in scale, directly related to the farm operation required in proximity to the farm operation. Secondary uses will include uses that produce value added agricultural products from the farm operation on the property.



Population: about 12,000 year-round (more or less constant over the last 100 years); 40,000 during summer

Island Size: 135 km (83 miles) long x 46 km (28 miles) at widest.

Largest freshwater island in the world.

Manitoulin contains over 100 inland lakes.

Highest population of white-tail deer in Ontario.

Nearest Urban Centres:  Sudbury 225 km (140 miles); Toronto 600 km (373 miles).

How to Get to Manitoulin: Single-lane swing bridge at Little Current (it’s a designated heritage structure built in 1913 plus seasonal ferry from Tobermory to South Baymouth

Climate: A little cooler than southern Ontario, but not much. Typical frost free period from early May to late October.

Garden Zone: Officially 4B to 5A. Walnut, apple and chestnut trees grow fine.

Corn heat units: 2400 to 2500

Annual precipitation: 80 cm (about 30″)

Geology: northern extent of Niagara Peninsula; limestone bedrock pokes through soil in some areas

Health Services: hospitals in Mindemoya and Little Current; doctor’s clinics in Little Current and Gore Bay.

Two local airports.



For many Manitoulin Island locals and property owners, hunting season is one of the most anticipated times of the year.

The White Tail Deer is one of the most coveted animal in North America.

Manitoulin Island has the highest population of white-tail deer in Ontario.

Some of the popular animals hunted on Manitoulin Island include white-tailed deer, waterfowl, fish, rabbits, and geese.

There is no Hunting season for moose on this island.



Manitoulin Island has an abundance of fishing locations which are ideal throughout the summer.

If fishing off a pier or the shoreline is not to your liking, there are several charters specializing in down rigging for salmon and deep, freshwater fish or leisure cruises around the lakes.

The most popular fishing spots are located in Lake Manitou, Lake Kagawong, and on the shores of Georgian Bay.



How can one get there?

By Driving

The famous Little Current Swing Bridge is also the only way for visitors to access the island year-round.

Located on the northeastern corner of Manitoulin on Highway 6, the swing bridge has been in operation for over 100 years and is an Ontario Heritage site.

The swing bridge allows people to cross on to the island all year, however in the summer visitors should be aware that the bridge really does swing!

Each hour on the hour during daylight, the bridge will swing for 15 minutes to let marine traffic through.

To get to the bridge, travellers take Highway 17 to Espanola, and at the Tim Hortons/Wendy's intersection, follow Highway 6 through the town of Espanola.

By continuing on Highway 6 through Birch Island/Whitefish River First Nation, travellers will eventually come to the swing bridge, where they will wait at the stop light before crossing onto Manitoulin Island to get to the Town of Little Current.

From the Town of Little Current it is only about 105 Km's to the property (Roughly a 1 hour and 15 Minute Drive)

By Ferry

Of course you can drive to the property but for something more fun and adventurous, we recommend the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry.

The ferry is a unique way to enjoy the gorgeous scenery  of  Lake Huron and the beautiful shoreline terrain.

The ferry departs from the seclusion of the Bruce Peninsula and docks in South Baymouth on the island.

From here you are roughly 95km’s to the subject property.

By Air

The Manitoulin East Private Airport (CYEM)

The Manitoulin East Municipal Airport is located in the East end of Manitoulin on Highway 6 in between Sheguiandah and Manitowaning.

The airport is a year-round, unique access point for Manitoulin Island.

With excellent facilities including ample aircraft parking and hangar rental space, the Manitoulin East Municipal Airport is perfect for aircraft enthusiasts looking to visit.

To find more information about visiting via air, please visit their website for further contact details here.

The Gore Bay-Manitoulin Commercial Airport

The Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport serves air traffic and fly-in access on the West end of Manitoulin.

Located on Airport Road just West of the town of Gore Bay, this location provides hangar rental spaces, parking, and many other amenities year-round.



The Seller is willing to finance the purchase of this property as long as a Buyer has the required DOWN PAYMENT OF 30% ($89,700) Canadian.

On a purchase price of $299,000, if a Buyer has a minimum of $89,700 down payment the Seller will HOLD AN OPEN MORTGAGE of $209,300 Canadian at 8% interest on a Buyer’s choice of the following terms:

On a 3 year term and a 7 year amortization the monthly payment is $ 3,248.64 per month.

On a 3 year term and a 10 year amortization the monthly payment is $ 2,525.01 per month.

On a 5 year term and a 5 year amortization the monthly payment is $ 4,230.82per month.

On a 5 year term and a 15 year amortization the monthly payment is $ 1,984.48 per month.

On a 5 year term and a 20 year amortization the monthly payment is $ 1,733.75 per month.


YOU PICK THE TERM THAT BEST SUITS YOU OR we can customize a payment plan for you.



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