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File 180SP - 39.42 Acres - Estrangement Lake - Larder Lake - $110,000


$110,000 CDN

39.42 Acres

Property Description







This is a property located in Hearst Township  which is within the boundary of the Municipality of Larder Lake. ***(Not to be mistaken with the Town of Hearst in Cochrane, Ontario)

This 39.42-Acre parcel fronts on Estrangement Creek which gives you access to Estrangement Lake.

The current owners have had many successful days on this lake, fishing for Pike and Perch.

In February of 2023 the current owners added an additional 2,400 feet to the access road.

This addition to the road gave them access to the Northern section of their property.

At the end of the additional road section, there is a large open area which is roughly 96 feet x 129 feet in size.

This area is large enough to set up camp, bring in RV's, enjoy large fires in your fire pit, and more than enough space for the kids to run around.

According to the contour maps, the Southwest corner of the property sits 20 meters higher than the rest of the property.

It gradually slops down towards the lake, but in a manner that won’t be noticeable when you are there.

This parcel of land has never been harvested.

There are plenty of large mature trees including Poplar, Birch, Spruce and Pine

You are technically only 2km from Larder Lake.  But since you must take the trail back out to Highway 624, you are more like 5.3km.



This property comes with SRO Surface Rights Only

The Tree Rights and Mineral Rights are with the Crown.

You can get permits to cut and use trees for personal use.



Estrangement Lake is roughly 45-acres in size.

Perfect location for a canoe or a small row boat.

Fish in this lake are mostly Perch and Pike.


Larder Lake:

If you’re looking for a great day on the lake with your kids or fishing buddies, Larder Lake will not disappoint.

Larder Lake is roughly 35sq km’s or 8,900 acres.

It is part of the Saint Lawrence River drainage basin and is the source of the Larder River.

Larder Lake has five named inflows: Sharp Creek and Benson Creek at the southwest; Pancake Creek to Northwest Bay; Bear Creek to the tip of Northeast Arm; and Milky Creek at the east. The primary outflow is the Larder River, at the southeast, which flows via the Blanche River, Lake Timiskaming and the Ottawa River to the Saint Lawrence River.



This property is located in WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT UNIT (WMU) 28.


Located in Northeastern Ontario's Temiskaming District where hunting is a passion.

Come on out and enjoy the fresh, crisp air and a walk in the bush where moose, bear, deer and small game are waiting for you!




This property can be driven to in the non-winter months.

It is roughly a 5.3km drive from Highway 624 to the Southeast corner of the subject property.

In the winter you can snowmobile along this trail.



Most of the property is part of the NR (Natural Resource) Zoning.  There are also sections of the property that at MX (Extractive Industrial) and EP (Environmental Protective) Zoning.


The MX zone is located at the Northeast corner of the property and the EP zone is along the lake.  The rest of the property is NR.


NR (Natural Resource) Zoning Permitted Uses:

  • Agricultural Use
  • Camp (See Section 4.6)
  • Conservation Use
  • Forestry
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Existing Residential Uses
  • Sawmill
  • Existing Tourist Commercial Establishments
  • Accessory uses, buildings and structures to the foregoing permitted uses (See

Section 4.1Accessory Uses, Section 4.2 Accessory Residential Uses, Section

4.15 Home Based Businesses)


EP (Environmental Protective) Zoning Permitted Uses:

  • Conservation Use
  • Public Use (See Section 4.26)
  • Accessory uses, buildings and structures to the foregoing permitted uses (See

Section 4.1)

5.16.2 Zone Requirements

5.16.3 Additional Provisions

(a) No buildings or structures of any kind shall be erected in the Environmental

Protection (EP) Zone.


MX: (Extractive Industrial) zoning Permitted Uses:

  • Pit
  • Public Use (See Section 4.26)
  • Quarry
  • Wayside Pit
  • Wayside Quarry
  • Accessory uses, buildings and structures to the foregoing permitted uses (See Section 4.1 Accessory Uses)


No person shall use any land or erect, alter or use any building or structure in the

Extractive Industrial (MX) Zone except in accordance with the provisions of this

Section and of any other relevant Sections of this By-law.



There are nice Perch and Pike in these waters.

Larder Lake is also only a couple kilometers away for Lake Trout, Pickerel, Bass and more.

This property is stunning, it has several ponds, a creek and lake frontage.

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