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30000.00 CDN - File 18ES - 42.17 acres Hunting property in Macklem Township $30,000 Canadian


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A great hunting property located in a beautiful, remote area of Northeastern Ontario just west of Timmins.


The sense of pride and security of owning a parcel of land is quite satisfying to a lot of people.

Enjoy freedom of owning your own land where you can hunt on and enjoy.

Camp on your property and teach your family and children about nature.


We offer this prime hunting property located midway between the City of Timmins to the west and the Town of Matheson to the east.

Approximately 40 kilometers or about 25 miles east of the City of Timmins.

Macklem Township is within the boundary of the City of Timmins and as such it IS AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.


This is a good opportunity to own some decent hunting land at a decent price close to two communities.

The City of Timmins and The Town of Matheson.


A property size of 42.19 acres that is easily accessed, close to a major sized city (by northern standards) where you can get all the supplies you need only a half hour away.

This is a nice property that has mostly sand and gravel and any trails you want to make on your property will be relatively easy to make.



DECENT road access as you can drive to this property in the non-winter months.

In winter, park on the Gibson Lake Road and get to the property on a snowmobile or an ARGO on tracks or walk in as it’s not that far from the main road.


Seasonal ROAD

The property enjoys about 245 feet  of a SEASONAL gravel road into the property (see pictures).



A review of the Original Patent and the Parcel Register shows that.



Please Note: The fact that the trees are reserved to the Crown is not really a big deal.

You are allowed to use the wood for your own uses, for example: firewood, you wouldn’t cut down a live tree but you would cut down a dead or dying tree for firewood.

If you wanted to harvest the trees to sell, then just get a permit from the MNR and pay them a stumpage fee or royalty on the trees you harvest.



In season going Grouse hunting will bring you back to when you’re a kid, or at least it’ll make you feel like a kid again.

Even the most seasoned of hunters get excited over grouse hunting.

It has a lot to do with how good they taste, and every hunter knows it.

We saw plenty of bear sign and moose tracks along the road within the property.

Some people we talked to told us that there are some deer in the area as they have seen them.

Saw lots of grouse and a couple of rabbits but there is rabbit sign all over the area.

You could probably bag your limit of grouse on each hunting excursion.

Use this property as your stepping stone to hunt further south along the Gibson Lake Road on the Crown Lands.

The Gibson Lake Road goes on for many tens of kilometers and there are literally tens of thousands of acres of Crown Lands to hunt and explore on.

Located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 29.

You can hunt on your property and then go fishing on the very close and nearby lakes.



Did you know that there are 3 small lakes within a 10-to-15 minute WALKING DISTANCE and there are over 12 lakes within a 10 to 25 minute DRIVE of this property?

The MNR website Fish-On-Line tells us that these three small lakes have BROOK TROUT.



The mature trees were harvested some 16 to 119 years ago.

The new growth is now 16-19 years old and looks very good.

Anything that wasn’t big enough to harvest at that time is now 16 to 19 years older and bigger.

The new growth also attracts the big game.

The new growth is mostly spruce trees with some poplar trees mixed in some areas.



A review of the contour maps indicate that there are no swampy areas or low wet areas on this property.

The high point of the property is the western section at a high of about 298 meters above sea level and then the property gradually slopes to the east down to 270 meters above sea level.

The decline to the east is quite gradual.



Crown land adjoins this property to the immediate south and east.

There are a few thousand acres of CROWN LAND that you can hunt on, atv on, cross country ski on and fish on.



Because this area is mostly sand and gravel it is prime blueberry country and we saw lots of them.

Blueberries everywhere we looked and also wild raspberries.

Good mushroom country too if you like and know what mushrooms to pick.


So what can you do with this property?

Well, first, IT’S AN INVESTMENT.

THEN GO HUNTING on the property and use it as a base area to go fishing from.

Then, maybe rent the property out to hunters or use it for one of the permitted uses listed below.



The property is in a “Resource Development Area” and is zoned “MINERAL EXTRACTION (RD-MX) so it wouldn’t be suitable for a recreational cottage and the City of Timmins won’t issue a building permit for one.

BUT you can build yourself a small storage shed to keep and store your toys in.

YOU DO NOT REQUIRE a building permit for a storage shed of under 105 square feet.

3.4.2 Permitted Uses in this zoning

A broad range of uses is contemplated by this designation including,

Asphalt Manufacturing Plant,                                     Batch Plant, Asphalt or Concrete

Bulk Sales Establishment                                             Communications Facility

Concrete Manufacturing Plant                                   Construction Yard or Contractor’s Yard

Forestry Use                                                                   Heliport

Log Hauling Operation                                                 Mine

Mine-Aggregate Operation                                         Portable Asphalt/Concrete Plant

Utility Yard                                                                      Wayside Pit

Wayside Quarry

Accessory Uses, Buildings and Structures to a permitted use.

An amendment to the Zoning By-law may be required for any proposed mineral mining operation or mineral aggregate operation.



We did a Patent Search and we found a copy of an original survey done by J.A. Lonergan OLS dated October 24, 1944.

A copy of that survey is shown in our pictures.

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