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File 19ES -  29.34 Acres HUNTING PROPERTY in Teck Township  $50,000 Cdn.


$50,000 CDN

29.34 Acres

Property Description







A ten minute drive in any direction from this property will put you in the heart of a nature’s wonderland.


This 29.34 acre parcel of land is located in TECK TOWNSHIP.
TECK TOWNSHIP is within the municipal boundary of the Town of Kirkland Lake and as such is then Teck Township IS AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

The property itself is just west of secondary Highway 112 which ends at Highway 66.

The intersection of Highways 66 and 112 is only about 4.6 kilometers west of the Town of Kirkland Lake.

From the property it is only about a total of less than 8 kilometers or about 5 miles from the Town of Kirkland Lake and shopping for supplies and groceries, restaurants, banking and medical assistance.




TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY except the “Pine Trees” which are reserved to the Crown.



There is a private road that comes west off Highway 112.

This roadway goes through private property for about 600 meters before it gets to the easterly line of this property.

This property owner will give any buyer of this property written permission to use the road to access the property.

If desired the new owner of this property can register this permission at their expense.

The road is mostly gravel and is driveable in the non-winter months right to the property and continues through the property to the adjoining property to the south.

In winter if no one plows the road then access to this property would be by snowmobile.



The property is ZONED RA (Rural) Zone


27.2 Permitted Uses

Agriculture Uses                                                                                               Agricultural-Related Uses

Airports                                                                                                                Animal Kennel Facility

Drive-In Theatres                                                                                             Equestrian Facility

Forestry and Logging                                                                                      Hobby Farm

Hunt Camp                                                                                                         Mobile home, only within a mobile home park

Mobile Home Park                                                                                           Outdoor Recreational Uses

Pet Daycare Service                                                                                        Pits and Quarries (Existing Only)

Single Detached Dwelling



When we searched the original patent of the property we discovered a copy of the original survey done by Frank E Patterson OLS that was on March 18, 1912.

Most likely the original bars should still be in the ground.



The current owner harvested the mature trees in 2012.

Since then the new growth has come in and those trees are now about 9 years old.

The new growth is mostly poplar trees and some spruce trees and a few birch trees.



If you look at the contour map you will see that this property has a rolling type of terrain.

There is only about a 10 meter or about 33 feet variance in terrain from one side of the property to the other side.



The west side of this property is bordered by CROWN LAND and a portion of the north side of this property is bordered by land owned by the Town of Kirkland Lake.



Hunting  has always been part of the way of life in the north.

Hunt for moose, deer, black bear, small game and waterfowl.

Located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 28.



The most popular species caught in this area are Walleye, Northern Pike , and Smallmouth bass.

Anglers will find an abundance of lakes that offer great fishing within close proximity.

There are an incredible 782 lakes within 50 km including Kirkland Lake, O'Connell Lake, Lower Kirkland Lake, Gami Lake, Gull Lake, Young Lake, Doig Lake, Greylava Lake, Amikougami Lake and Goodfish Lake.

For those anglers preferring to fish in rivers, creeks and streams, they will find the area around Kirkland Lake offers about 204 options within 50 km.

Some of these creeks are Rand Creek, Goodfish Creek, Amikougami Creek, Murdock Creek, Splashwater Creek, Perron Creek, Morrisette Creek, Wendtwright Creek, Alfie Creek and Kapakita Creek.

Located in Fisheries Management Zone 8.



Northeastern Ontario is rich in nutritious and delicious edible wild plants.

Most of these are seasonal, coming out with the warmer weather in late May and available until early September. Others are available year-round, like Chaga.

What is out there, you ask?

Think: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. Wild mushrooms, fiddleheads, mint, maple blossoms, wild rice, stinging nettle, cattail, ginger, dandelion, chaga and so much more.



Winter is THE BEST season!

The cold, the snow, the fun!

Sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, winter carnival...you name it and it is waiting for you in the Kirkland Lake area.

The Kirkland Lake area is the snowmobiling hub of the north, offering front door access to over 300 KM of the finest groomed trails in both northeastern Ontario and northwestern Quebec.



Kirkland Lake is a town and municipality in Timiskaming District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.

The 2016 population, according to Statistics Canada, was 7,981.[2]

The community comprises Kirkland Lake (Teck Township), as well as Swastika, Chaput Hughes, Bernhardt, and Morrisette Twp.

Kirkland Lake was built on gold, but it is equally well known for producing world-famous hockey players.

A short drive from Kirkland Lake introduces you to a wealth of natural wonders and cultural experiences.

Kirkland Lake is located in the heart of northeastern Ontario’s richest gold mining country.

Trans Canada Highways 11 and 66 intersect the community, providing easy access to markets in Ontario, Quebec and beyond.

Air, rail and courier connections are readily available.

Kirkland Lake is also the administrative and economic centre of the north Timiskaming District.

The total catchment population numbers roughly 12,000 people, of which roughly 2,700 to 3,000 regularly come to Kirkland Lake for work, school, shopping or to access other services.



The following are mileages from the following cities to the Town of Kirkland Lake.

From Toronto  598 kilometers

From Sudbury 308 kilometers

From Timmins 140 kilometers

From North Bay 243 kilometers

From Niagara Falls 699 kilometers

From Ottawa 600 kilometers

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