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$350,000.00 CDN - File 25- Large Acreage in an Unorganized Township


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$350,000 cdn funds






972 acres of prime vacant land! This is a large piece of beautiful pristine wilderness.

Ideal big game hunting, superb recreational grounds, excellent investment opportunity.


You can find this property in the UNORGANIZED township of Ossian in beautiful northeastern Ontario near the Quebec border,  District of Timiskaming.

The property is located 35  minutes north of Virginiatown, Ont.


The property has frontage on Corner Lake and and the Mist Creek flows throughout the property.

Also, there at least a dozen lakes within minutes of this property!


PLEASE NOTE, WE HAVE NOT BEEN TO THIS PROPERTY AS OF YET. We cannot verify how the access is  along the logging trail. Images will come as the travel restrictions ease.


The property comes with SURFACE and MINERAL rights.

In total, the property is comprised of 23 patented claims. This is patented private land, not leased land.

The property appears to have mature timber, and does not appear to have been harvested.


As noted from the topographic images the terrain is rolling by nature. With elevation changes from 310 meters to 350 meters above sea-level. Small ponds and creeks scatter the property. This makes for an ideal location for wildlife to congregate.


To access this property, one will have to utilize the logging trail from Cheminis Rd /Labyrinth Rd . These roads/trails are not maintained in the winter months. It is approx 2.4 kms from Cheminis Rd/Labyrinth Rd to the eastern side of the property along this trail. The trail will need to be brushed out and improved as the owner has not been there in some time.


The property is totally surrounded by Crown Lands. Imagine not having to be bothered by nosy neighbours, having the solitude and privacy one deserves.


From the western boundary line of the property to the east it is approx 2.7 kms (1.7 miles) and from north to south it is 2 kms (1.28 miles). This is a vast piece of land! A large hunting party may not even bump into each other.


Needing any supplies while exploring this property?  Kearns, Virginiatown and Larder Lake are only a sort drive from the property. If by chance they don't have what you need Kirkland Lake is less than an hour away. Here you will be able to find everything you would need for your adventure.


The WMU or Wildlife Management Unit for this property is WMU 28. The hunting and fishing is second to none in the area.


Distances to Virginiatown

Barrie 493 kms

Toronto 599 kms

Hamilton 643 kms

Sudbury 306 kms

Kirkland Lake 39 kms

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