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$38,000.00 CDN - File 28 -   Northern Ontario Fly-In Outpost for sale


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Balson Lake outpost


A lot of us dream about owning a small cabin on a remote lake in the middle of nowhere that you can only get there if you fly to that special lake.

A lake where you are the only cabin on the lake.

A lake where the fishing pressure is so minimal that the fish are ready to jump into your boat because there are so many of them.


Some of us even dare to own a fishing lodge or outfitting business.

For most of us that’s all it becomes…a dream.




Balson Lake outpost

Priced at $38,000 Canadian or $28,900 USD (if purchased separately)

Balson Lake is 114 kilometers or 71 miles from NAKINA by air.


This cabin is in good condition and ready to use.


This LUP (land Use Permit) is for fishing only as there are no hunting tags with the LUP.

The Land Use Permit is for ONE (1) YEAR at a time and the cost of the permit is $950 per year.



The fishing in Balson Lake is good.

Balson is a small lake with a healthy population of pike and walleye to keep your bellies full.

Balson Lake is a sleeper cell in brook trout country with access to the section of the Dusey River and lake


Balson Lake has a surface area of about 275 Hectares or about 680 Acres

The lake has a maximum depth of 8 meters or about 26 feet

Co-Ordinates to the cabin on Harvey Lake are

Lat          51.2000 N

Long      86.8997 W


This outpost cabin is an 8 person camp equipped with a propane stove and fridge with a generator on site.

14 foot boats and 9.9hp motors are available for travel with a canoe on site for river travel.


Head downstream from Balson to the famous Dusey river for brook trout or head even further to Dusey lake for more walleye and pike.

The opportunity to explore here is endless!


It comes with 3 boats

2 motors

2 canoes

A propane fridge

A propane stove

2-60 lb propane bottles

Cooking utensils

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