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$15,000.00 CDN - File 32- Log Cabin in Nakina Ontario


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What else can you buy at this price?
Use this cabin as your home base to hunting and fishing.

Can you imagine owning an original log cabin that was built around 1923.
What’s incredible is that a 94 year old log cabin is still around.
Still in pretty good condition.

Located within the Village of Nakina which is within the boundary of the Municipality of Greenstone.

The cabin is on a town lot that 49.83 feet wide and 149.50 feet deep.

The cabin is basically a shell with a functional floor.
It sits on corner posts and the foundation walls between the corner posts have started to fall in but the corners are keeping the building stable and level.
The log walls are in good condition other that one log that may have to be re-inforced or replaced.

The main floor is about 500 square feet in size and there is some sort of loft of about 300 square feet.

Apparently the cabin does not leak but the shingles should be replaced soon.

The story is that the log cabin was built in 1923 by a Finn fellow who was working for a logging company just outside Nakina and he built the cabin for his new bride who was coming to Canada to marry him.
That is all we know and we hope that they lived happily ever after.


Electrical power is available on the street and so is water and sewer.


The Nakina area is Walleye and Northern Pike country.
There are many lakes in the area and all you have to do is pick one for every day and you will never be bored or run out of places and lakes top go fishing on.
You are in the heart of the best fishing region of Northern Ontario.
Nakina is the moose hunting capital of Ontario.
There are lots of moose here.
Located in between WMU 19 and 18A
Like hunting Black Bears?
There are only a couple of outfitters in the Nakina area offering Black Bear hunts so the population of bears is extremely high in this area so if you want to hunt black bears the odds are that you will do very well.

Nakina is village of approximately 500 people on Highway 584.
The village is situated approximately 60 kilometres north of Geraldton – making Nakina one of Ontario’s more remote towns on the road network.
With 500 people today, Nakina is essentially the remnants of an old railway town.
The town was founded in 1913 due to the junction of the railway – after Nakina the rail lines branch southwards towards Toronto or east towards Quebec.
This made Nakina an ideal spot for a railway centre.
In its heyday, Nakina has a fully functioning roundhouse, with fuel, servicing, and train-turning facilities.
TODAY Nakina is more of a Hunting and fishing destination.

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