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$48,000.00 US - File 33 - 77 Acres in Glackmeyer Township


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Are you thinking that maybe you would like to become a hobby farmer?

We have this very nice 77 acre parcel of land in Glackmeyer Township just northeast of the Town of Cochrane, Ontario.
The property has frontage on two roads and access to the property is year round.
About 250 meters (820 feet ) of frontage along the Glackmeyer 4&5 road and about 1,207 meters (3,900 feet ) along Sonar Road.

Electrical power is along the road in front of the property.

There are farms on all four sides of this property.

The property itself is about half in old farm fields and the rest of the property is wooded with primarily poplar trees.
It would be relatively easy to make the old farm fields productive again.
You could most likely use some of the mature wood to build some of your outbuildings.

The property is mostly level land and considering the number of farms in the area , it should be good farmland.

You could easily grow vegetables in your own garden(s), enough so that you could enjoy them fresh and then can the rest for over the winter months.

Imagine having a cow or two, a horse and other animals to feed that farmer in you that is just bursting to get out.

This would also be a great place to raise your children giving them the opportunity to live a country lifestyle away from the horrible mess you find in large urban centers.

A place where you can enjoy the simple lifestyle yet install good country values to your family.

TREE RIGHTS (except for the pines which are reserved to the Crown and there are none on this property) COME WITH THE PROPERTY!

Glackmeyer Township is an organized township within the Municipality of Cochrane and you would need a building permit to build any dwelling.
Getting a building permit is easy as the property fronts on a municipally maintained road.

The Town of COCHRANE, ONTARIO situated on the edge of the Northern Ontario Wilderness is ONLY 6.6 KILOMETERS from this property.

The Town of Cochrane has both the amenities of 21st century life and the wide-open possibilities of the unexplored frontier.

Cochrane has all the modern telecommunications necessities, crucial when it comes to functioning in the global economy, and yet when you step out, you can leave all that behind and explore hundreds of kilometres of snowmobile trials, lakes and rugged wilderness just waiting to be experienced.

Along with clean air and a safe family environment, you are only just minutes away from everything important to your daily routine. Add to this friendly people living a healthier, safer, and less frantic lifestyle - all of it surrounded by the most beautiful scenery you could ask for.

COCHRANE, ONTARIO is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Northern Ontario. With projections of growth as high as 50% over the next five years, business opportunities are plentiful while home investment and property values remain bullish. Cochrane is fortunate to have some very attractive assets not typical of rural Northern Ontario.
With some of the lowest property taxes in North Eastern Ontario, Cochrane provides the highest quality of northern living at competitive cost to the tax payer.
While keeping property taxes competitive, Cochrane has managed to do so without limiting the services and assets it offers to the community.
From a world class tourist attraction in the Polar Bear Habitat, to a modern and highly regarded Tim Horton Events Center, to modern schools, to high caliber recreation and festivals that rank amongst the most prominent in the province.
Cochrane truly understands how to provide the best of services at the most competitive of costs.

Everyone Has a Family Doctor
Cochrane is part of the M.I.C.'s (Matheson, Iroquois Falls, Cochrane) group of medical services, which is an organization of the hospitals that use the strengths of their synergy to provide top tier medical services to our area.
While providing leading edge medical services with the most modern of equipment, Lady Minto Hospital in Cochrane also has a resident surgeon and is one of the few in North Eastern Ontario with this important asset.
At the same time, Cochrane has a full compliment of family physicians that ensures everyone of it’s citizens has a family living in the Town that’s wonderfully unexpected.



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