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$78,000.00 CDN - File 33ES - 153.91 Acres in the UNORGANIZED Purdom Township $78,000 Canadian


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Located northeast of the City of Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario, Canada.

More specifically, this property is about 18 kilometers north of the Town of Nipigon, Ontario and west of Highway 11.

Nipigon, Ontario is about 110 kilometers east of the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The property is within the boundary of the Township of Purdom.



Purdom Township is one of the few UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIPS in Northern Ontario.

Since the township is unorganized then that means that there is NO OFFICIAL Plan, NO ZONING, NO ZONING BY-LAWS, NO RESTRICTIONS.

It also means that NO BUILDING PERMITS are required as there is no entity to issue one.

It also means that there are no restrictions as to the number of buildings or cabins you can build, no size limits or no use limits.

So, you can build what you want, any size you want, any number of buildings that you want.

If you have six children and you ant to build a cabin for each of them, then go ahead as no one can tell you that you can’t.




TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY other than the “Pine Trees” which are reserved to the Crown

MINERAL RIGHTS are with the Crown



There are two main ways to get to this property.

Both ways are what we class as “REMOTE ACCESS”.

Way #1 is via the Hydro Line corridor.

You can use an ATV or an ARGO down the hydro line to get to the property.

Way # 2 is via the old railway right of way.

The railway tracks were removed a few years ago and what remains is a pretty good gravel road/trail that you can drive a truck on and an ATV or an ARGO or by snowmobile to get to the property.

From the Jessie Lake Road it is about 7.5 kilometers on the old railway line to the south line of the property.

There is a third way to get to the property and that is by a snowmobile/ATV/ARGO trail that originates at the north end of the Polly Lake Road and continues in a northward direction for about 3.9 kilometers to the property.



This property is totally off the grid.

There are no services to the property.

The property is well treed with mostly Spruce Trees and Poplar Trees.

The owner estimates that the trees are at least 40-45 years old or even older.

A review of the contour maps show that there is a small seasonal creek that originates in the north portion of the property and it flows south into Polly Lake.

The property itself is mostly quite level and the contour maps indicate that there are NO swampy areas on the property.

This property would be of interest to someone who wants a long term investment.

Someone looking to harvest timber.

Someone who wants a great hunting area.



This property is in an UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIP so there are NO SERVICES being provided to the property so the annual taxes are quite low.

Property taxes are paid to the Province of Ontario Provincial Land Tax Authority.



The total property size is 153.91 acres.


The railway created a NATURAL SEVERANCE of this property.

There are about 36.30 acres on the east side of the railway line and about 117.61 acres on the west side of the railway line.

If you surveyed the smaller section and have the surveyor register the survey and give it a Reference Plan number then you can legally sell the smaller parcel.

Ask us on how this works.



This property is SURROUNDED BY CROWN LAND on all four sides.

There are a few thousand acres of Crown land that adjoin this property.



There is no survey in the owners possession and we don’t know if there is a survey somewhere.

However, we can provide a buyer with GPS Co-Ordinates for each of the corners of the property plus where the Hydro line enters the property and where the old railway line enters the property.

We get these GPS Co-Ordinates from the MNR Make-A-Topo-Map website.



Enjoy top quality hunting on this property for Moose and Black Bear.

This property is located in WILDLIFE MANAHEMENT UNIT (WMU) 21A.

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