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$150,000.00 CDN - File 34 - 320.07 Acres in UNORGANIZED Garrison Township $150,000

Conditional Sale

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Unorganized Townshjip

Great hunting property

A possible good homestead property

Natural spring

Creek and ponds

Off the grid


This could be that prime hunting property that you always wanted to0 own or it could be that out-of-the-way homestead property that will give you a new start in life.

A property where you can get away from the everyday stress of city life and the noise and pollution that will shorten your life.

A place where you can breathe pure clean air.

A place where you can be totally off the grid and where you can live naturally.

This property and location isn’t for everyone.

It will take a hardy person(s) who want the experience of the pioneer life to live here.



This unique property opportunity is located in GARRISON TOWNSHIP which is east of The Town Of Matheson in Northeastern Ontario.


We know that in the UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIP there is NO OFFICIAL PLAN so that means that there is NO ZONING so you can build whatever you want, any size you want and NO BUILDING PERMIT is required.



This property is comprised of 10 mining claims that are owned by two owners that are related.

5 of the claims total 181.11 acres and are owned by a numbered company.

Another 5 claims total 138.96 acres and are owned in the owner’s personal name.

Both properties TOTAL 320.07 ACRES




We had a good discussion with the owners forester and he advised us the following.

The current owners harvested the mature trees in 2015 and in 2016.

They only harvested the mature timber.

Anything with a six inch butt was left standing.

They also left trees standing along the creeks and ponds.

Since the trees were reserved to the Crown, the owner had to replant trees throughout the property.

They replanted just over 30,000 Jack Pines and Spruce Trees.

The forester also stated that there is a natural spring that flows year round at the south end of the property.

The southwest section of the property has a very nice hill that is at least 43 meters or about 141 feet higher that the rest of the property.

This would make an ideal location for a nice hunt cabin so you can look down and see the moose.

The easterly side of the property has a gradual rise of about 20 meters or about 65 feet.

There are also many level sections of the property.

An offshoot creek of the large Garrison Creek flows through this property and the local beavers have created some beaver ponds.

We know that there are Brook Trout in Garrison Creek so it would stand to reason that there should be Brook Trout in this offset creek.



There are no services on or to this property.

You will be totally off the grid.

Your power sources will have to ne SOLAR, WIND, GENERATOR, PROPANE, or a combination of all three.

Your heat source will most likely be a wood stove or an outdoor wood furnace.

Some people think that they were off-grid if they switched their cell phone off for a day or two.

The greatest appeal of off-grid living is that it allows you to practice a form of voluntary simplicity based in frugality, sustainability, self-sufficiency and resilience.

There is an awareness today that global society has spun out of control and a lot of people want to go to a simpler and less stressful form of life.

You can make voluntary choices, such as to buy less, consume sustainably and ethically, eat more local and natural foods, reduce clutter, recycle and re-use, practice creativity, you use renewable energy resources, you prefer smaller-scale forms of living, and you develop skills based on self-reliance.

Yes, you will want to go off grid.



From the Town of Matheson, Ontario it is 36.7 kilometers to the gravel road that will take you to the property.


The Quebec border is only 36.4 kilometers driving east on Highway 101 from the turnoff of the gravel road that takes you to the property.


The shortcut from Highway 101 to Kirkland Lake is called Highway 672 which is a paved, all season open year round secondary highway.

Highway 672 is only 13.7 kilometers east from the turnoff of the gravel road that takes you to the property.

From Highway 101 it is only about a 48 kilometer drive down to Highway 66 and you are just east of Kirkland Lake, Ontario.




ALL TREES ARE RESERVED TO THE CROWN (but don’t let that stop you from buying this property).

THE MINERAL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED TO THE CROWN who opened the rights for staking and are now optioned to ST ANDREW GOLDFIELDS LTD.


ABOUT THE RIGHTS on this property and what they mean

The surface rights

Surface rights specifically refer to the ownership of the surface of the land.

This includes dwellings, buildings, the right to till the land for crops and even the ability to dig into the land to bury underground storage tanks such septic systems and to dig or drill wells.

Land that is owned under a surface rights contract may be sold, transferred or manipulated by the owner, within the guidelines of the governing

The mining rights

Even though the mining rights are reserved to the Crown and the Crown may open the mining rights for staking, the Ontario Mining Act says that a mining claim cannot be staked out nor can prospecting be done on the part of a lot where there is a house/residence/cottage/dwelling, or a spring or an outhouse or a  garden, orchard, vineyard, nursery, plantation or pleasure ground or where crops can be damaged without your consent.

All trees reserved to the Crown

Timber rights (tree rights) reserved means that all the timber (trees) standing on the property do not belong with the property.

These trees are reserved to the Provincial Government (the Crown).

Although the Government owns the trees they do require the permission of the property owner to harvest those trees. If the property owner wishes to harvest the trees on the parcel to sell to a mill, the owner must call and get a permit from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources District Office.

A stumpage fee (royalty)  is owed to the Ministry of Natural Resources when harvested.

you can harvest dead or dying trees for firewood.


Like to hunt?

This property is in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 28.

Plenty of moose in this area.

Many Black Bear.

Hunt the local roads and trails for small game like grouse or rabbit.


Like to fish?

Garrison Township is within Fisheries Management Zone 8.

Fish Garrison Creek for Brook Trout

Fish Twin Lakes for Brook Trout

Close by are Clermont Lake, Garrison Lake, Halfway Lake, Pothole lakes and many more lakes to fish on.



The Town of Matheson (population about 2,000) has pretty well all the services and supplies you need.

The Town of Kirkland Lake (population about 7,000) is much bigger and also has more selection of services and supplies that you may need.

For major shopping the City of Timmins (population about 49,000) has everything you will need.

All are easily accessible by paved highway and short driving distances from 20 minutes to one hour.



From this property to:

Toronto 688 kilometers

North Bay 335 kilometers

Ottawa 690 kilometers

Windsor 1,010 kilometers

Sudbury 400 kilometers

Peterborough 655 kilometers

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