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$80,000.00 CDN - File 38ES -  50 Acres in Leitch Township $80,000 Cdn


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Here is an opportunity to enjoy the country life with city amenities only about 15 minutes away.


Imagine that you can buy your coffee at the local Tim Horton’s coffee shop and you can enjoy it on the drive to your homestead and it is still quite warm.






This property is located in Leitch Township which is within the boundary of the Town of Cochrane in beautiful Northeastern Ontario, Canada.

Leitch Township is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP, northwest of the Town Of Cochrane, Ontario




Given the rise in food prices, and increased interest in healthy nutrition, and wanting to live in a healthy environment and creating a quality lifestyle for your family, many folks are looking to buy property to create hobby farms.

Hobby farms are more than a garden, but not quite a conventional farm.

However, they take the operational essence of a fully fledged farm, just customized to fit your property and the lifestyle you want.

Hobby farms can drastically supplement your food and income, and provide the wonderful joy and satisfaction of running your own agricultural operation.

Growing and supplementing your food, or creating an agri-business and generating income, are two of the main opportunities of hobby farms.

Furthermore, your pantry will be overflowing with canned goods, honey, homemade wine, produce, home-cured meats, and farm-fresh free-range eggs.

Your food bounty will vary depending on the focus of the farm.

On this property you have lots of room for a cow or two or more, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys or even a horse or two.


This region offers much potential for farming as it contains significant amounts of fertile soils, good road networks and affordable land to start up farm businesses.


Furthermore, the changing climate could be a boon to improve growing conditions, with expanded cropping options and increased yields in recent years.



There's nothing like the peace of the countryside, the quiet and the lack of distraction.

It helps you to focus your mind.

Out in the country, life moves a little bit slower.

Cleaner air, escaping the polluted urban air for the country means better breathing for you.

Living in a natural environment is good for everything from improving your short term memory to lowering your blood pressure.

It might even make you more creative.

Spending more time in nature is a great way to improve your health, and when you’re living the country life, you don’t have to go very far to reap the benefits.

Natural paradise can be found right outside of your door, instead of a car or bus ride away.



The property is 20.338 Hectares or 50.25 acres in size.

It has a frontage of 169.305 meters or about 555.46 feet and a depth of 1,200 meters or 1.2 kilometers or about 3,937 feet.



The property has been surveyed and the reference plan was registered on November 16, 2021.

The legal description is Part of Lot 3 Concession 2 Leitch being PART 2 Reference Plan 6R9303.



This fine property enjoys 169.304 meters or about 555.46 feet of frontage on the south side of THE SILVER QUEEN LAKE ROAD.

The Silver Queen Lake Road is a YEAR ROUND ROAD gravel topped road that is maintained and plowed by the municipality.

You can access your property in all 4 seasons.



Electrical power runs along the Silver Queen Lake Road and there is internet access too!

You also have cell service here.



We reviewed the original patent of this property and find that this property comes with the following rights.

SURFACE RIGHTS come with this property.

MINERAL RIGHTS come with this property.

TREE RIGHTS come with this property.



The mature trees were harvested in November and December of 2020.

The small trees remain as we are told that anything under 6 inches was left.

Typical trees on this property are Spruce trees, Poplar trees and the odd Birch tree.



The elevation of this property rises very little from the front to the back of the property.

The difference is minimal, only about 1 meter or about 3.2 feet over a depth of almost 4,000 feet.

According to Google Earth, this property is about 1 meter higher than the adjoining 75 acres Crown land to the west.



There is a 75 acre parcel of CROWN LAND touching the west side of this property.

There is another 150 acre parcel of CROWN LAND across the road and another 150 acres of Crown land a 5 minute walk to the east..

SO, you have access to 450 acres of Crown Land near this property to hunt on and play on..



This property is zoned RURAL

A review of the Town of Cochrane OFFICIAL PLAN reveals

The primary uses permitted in the Rural Area are agriculture, forestry, mineral and aggregate exploration, recreation and tourism, mining and other resource development uses and activities, and low-density rural residential and recreational dwellings.

Secondary dwelling units are permitted in accordance with the secondary dwelling unit policies of this Plan.

Agriculture-related commercial and agricultural-related industrial uses that are small in scale and directly related to the farm operation and required to be located in close proximity to the farm operation, such as grain drying, handling and storage facilities, are permitted uses.

The following uses may be permitted in the Rural Area designation without a Zoning By-law amendment provided they are compatible with the main uses as listed in Policy 1 above:

home occupations and home industries

group homes

bed and breakfast facilities;

single detached dwelling units and any associated secondary dwelling units, provided that:

- they are located on a lot that can be legally conveyed under the Planning Act;

- the lot meets all the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment or its designated agent for sewage disposal and potable water supply;

- the lot is located on and has access to a public road that has been opened, established and is maintained year-round.

value-added agricultural products such as custom meat shops, pick-your-own operations, produce markets, and packing operations.

Land uses that promote or support recreation and tourism shall be actively promoted in the Rural Area land use designation. Recreation and tourist facilities may be developed by the public or private sector and such facilities may include shoreline parks along the Frederick House or Abitibi Rivers, boat launches, nature trails and wildlife reserves, and other recreation and tourist facilities



The Cochrane area is a favorite destination for snowmobiling, ATVing, fishing, hunting, and exploring.


Like to Hunt?

It’s What We Do Here.

This property and this area is located in the middle of the Northern Ontario Wilderness region on the doorstep of the untamed James Bay region.

Enjoy access to big game hunting for Moose and Black Bear.

Imagine hunting your own land and hunting on the Crown lands adjacent to your property.

Go a little further and you have access to tens of thousands of acres of Crown Land to hunt on.


Like to Fish?

Within less than a 4 minute drive you can be fishing on Silver Queen Lake for Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Perch.

Within a 10 minute drive or less you can be fishing the Frederickhouse River for Bass, Walleye, Perch and Northern Pike.

Within a 20 minute drive you can be fishing the mighty Abitibi River Bass, Walleye, Perch and Northern Pike.

There are about another dozen smaller lakes and rivers within a 5-20 minute drive that you can also fish on.



Take advantage of abundant white gold and enjoy the 650 kilometres of well groomed, safe and adventurous snowmobile trails, all within Cochrane’s backyard! Our trail network features directional signs that extend to Greenwater Provincial Park, Smooth Rock Falls, Timmins, Iroquois Falls, and Québec. In addition to the trails network, we also feature an ample number of local trails.


ATV Trails

If you like to ride your ATV along trails then you will love this area as there are trails all over the area.

Find Crown Lands that have been recently harvested and ride all the skid trails they made to haul out the timber.

Follow old trails to some wonderful fishing and hunting spots on the Crown Lands.



Cochrane is the birthplace of the NHL Hall Of Famer TIM HORTON.

He grew up playing hockey in Cochrane and won 4 Stanley Cups with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Tim Horton is also famous for being the founder of the TIM HORTONS COFFEE CHAIN.

Conveniently located along Highway 11, the Town of Cochrane is easily accessible by road, rail, and air.

Cochrane is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Northern Ontario. The moderate property taxes, cost of housing and rise in property prices continue to make Cochrane attractive to those relocating from other communities.

Unlike most other northern communities, Cochrane boasts of a very diversified economy. Retail, tourism, hospitality, restoration, construction and trades to name a few. Furthermore, close to 20% of all businesses in Cochrane are entrepreneurship based. Many people in Cochrane chose to work for themselves and do well by doing so.


Cochrane has a full compliment of family physicians that ensures everyone of it’s citizens has a doctor and access to health services.


Dining Out

The eating and dining options in Cochrane offer a variety of cuisine, with fast and friendly service. From sit down service to dine-out preferences, support local and enjoy a meal at one of our finest established restaurants.

Check out the Fresh & Fancy Bakery on 4th St. in Cochrane and get yourself some of the best APPLE FRITTERS you will ever taste.


The Cochrane Airport has a runway of 4,500 feet and serves as a vital hub linking passengers and freight to the James Bay Coastline.


Operated by Ontario Northland, the Cochrane Railway Station is the southernmost stop for the Polar Bear Express and the last road accessible junction for the rail line before it heads further north towards the James Bay Coast


Ontario Northland also provides out-of-town motor coach bus service, as well as parcel express shipping with lower competitive rates, between Toronto and locations in Central and Northern Ontario, including Cochrane.



How far is Cochrane, Ontario?

732 kilometers from Toronto to Cochrane

373 kilometers from North Bay to Cochrane

730 kilometers from Ottawa to Cochrane

820 kilometers from Kingston to Cochrane

830 kilometers from Niagara Falls to Cochrane

400 kilometers from Sudbury to Cochrane

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