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$15,500.00 CDN - File 10   41.37 acres in Godfrey Township


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File   41.37 acres in Godfrey Township $15,500 Canadian OR $11,800 USD


This is your opportunity to get started in land ownership at a low price.

A great starter property that you can use for your recreational activities.


Located in Godfrey Township about 16 kilometers or 10 miles northwest of the City Of Timmins, Ontario.

Godfrey Township is within the boundary of the City Of Timmins so it is an ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.


Being an Organized Township that lies within the boundary of the City Of Timmins and NOT FRONTING on a municipally maintained road means that you are restricted to building what is commonly referred to as a “hunt camp”.

The hunt camp can have a base no larger than 500 square feet and you cannot live in it year round.


It would be really neat to build your cabin overlooking the creek.

Just sit back and enjoy quiet times and look around and enjoy nature.

Teach your children or grandchildren what a privilege it is to be able to



Mining Rights are with the City Of Timmins

All trees are reserved to the Crown. ( this does not mean that the Crown will come in to harvest the trees, TALK TO US TO EXPLAIN).


About 1,965 feet of Godfrey Creek meanders through the western half of the property in a north/south direction.

The creek averages about 20 feet in width with some sections being wider.

A review of the Ministry Of Natural Resources (MNRF) Fish-On-Line web site shows that Godfrey Creek has Brook Trout in its waters.


YOU CANNOT DRIVE TO THIS PROPERTY s there is no road access to it.

Access to this property would be by snowmobile, snowshoe or cross country skiing in the winter months or by walking to the property in the non-winter months.

The ACCESS WOULD BE THROUGH CROWN LAND which adjoins the property on the east side and goes 3.3 kilometers or 2 miles east to the Kamiskotia Road.

You can go through the Crown land to get to your property.

YOU CANNOT DRIVE A TRUCK TO THE PROPERTY as there are no roads or trails to the property.

You can get a permit from the MNR to create an ATV trail to the property.

It would not be feasible to build a road to the property. TOO EXPENSIVE!


There are over 2000 acres of Crown Land that adjoin the property.

That is a lot of land that you can hunt on and explore.

The contour maps show that the southeast corner of the property is the highest point of this property being at 300 meters above sea level.

The rest of the property is relatively level at 290 meters above sea level and then the broperty slopes down on both sides of Godfrey Creek.


From the aerial photographs it appears that there is a lot of standing timber on the property.

All timber is reserved to the Crown.

You can however, get a permit from the MNRF to harvest all the trees or whatever you may want to harvest and you will have to pay a royalty or stumpage fee to the MNRF.

You are allowed to harvest dead trees for firewood.

Typical tree mix in this area include Spruce trees, Balsam trees, Poplar trees, Birch trees and the off Cedar trees.


This outstanding opportunity is priced to sell.

The seller wants a cash sale and will not offer financing terms.


If you like to hunt then our contacts tells us that the moose hunting and black bear hunting in this area is good.most hunters want to hunt areas that they can drive to so the fact that you cant’t drive a truck to this property makes it all the more possible to find your game.

Apparently the small game hunting is also very good.

Located in WMU 30.


From the City of Timmins it is a short drive to the Kamiskotia Road. After driving north on the Kamiskotia Road for 6.9 kilometers you will be where  the road to the Ski Hill is.

The CROWN LAND is on the opposite side (the left side) of Kamiskotia Road.

Park your vehicle and either walk in, or in winter ski in or snowshoe in or snowmobile to the property.


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