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$48,000.00 CDN - File 44 - 75 Acres in Clute Township $48,000

Conditional Sale

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Are you looking to homestead?

Are you looking for a place to start a hobby farm?

Are you looking for a property to live on and get away from big city congestion and pressures?

Are you looking for a quiet place to raise your children and be able to show them how to live a quiet and simple life?


Become a hobby farmer on this 75 acres in Clute Township just northwest of the Town of Cochrane in beautiful Northeastern Ontario, Canada.

CLUTE TOWNSHIP is within the boundary of the Town Of Cochrane so it is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

The property fronts on Malherbe Road which is an all-weather gravel topped road that is OPEN YEAR ROUND and maintained and serviced by the Municipality.

The road is snow plowed all winter long.



We have 75 ACRES OF LAND.

Frontage on Malherbe Road is 250 meters or about 820 feet and the depth of the property is 1,200 meters or about 3,937 feet.

This is a very good sized property.



There is an old field at the front of the property that is about 6 acres in size.

This would be a very good area in which to build your house or cottage and barn or garage.

Plenty of room to make some nice garden plots.

The property is relatively level throughout with maybe a 1 meter difference from front to back and over 1,200 meters of depth that is really nothing in difference.

The Frederick House River is only about 938 meters (less than 1 kilometer) from the northwest corner of the property.

You can drive your vehicle to within about 200 meters of the river and then perhaps use your ATV to get your boat to the river.



We reviewed the original patent of this property and find that this property comes with the following rights.

SURFACE RIGHTS come with this property.

MINERAL RIGHTS come with this property.

TREE RIGHTS come with this property.



The seller harvested the mature trees in November and December of 2020.

He states that the small trees, typically under 6 inches, were left standing.

He did leave some pockets of larger trees standing so that the local game would have cover.

Threes that grow on this property are mainly Spruce trees, Poplar trees and some Birch trees.



This property enjoys YEAR ROUND ROAD ACCESS as Malherbe Road is a municipally maintained and serviced road that is plowed in winter.



Electrical power runs along the south side of Malherbe Road so bringing power into the property is easy and no big deal.

You do have a choice of whether you want to bring the electrical power into your property or be OFF THE GRID.

For water you can either dig or drill a well.

There are well drillers available in the Town of Cochrane or Timmins.

For septic you can have someone design and build your septic system of you can build an outhouse or buy a composting toilet.

It all depends on what you are building and what conveniences you want.

There are companies who specialize in this that can be hired.



This property is zoned RURAL

A review of the Town of Cochrane OFFICIAL PLAN reveals

The primary uses permitted in the Rural Area are agriculture, forestry, mineral and aggregate exploration, recreation and tourism, mining and other resource development uses and activities, and low-density rural residential and recreational dwellings.



75 acres of CROWN LAND abuts this property no the immediate west so you have no neighbours next to you to the west.

There is well over 1,500 acres of CROWN LANDS within minutes of this property that you can access and hunt on or ATV on.

Explore the CROWN LANDS and use them as your playgrounds.



The Cochrane area is a favorite destination for snowmobiling, ATVing, fishing, hunting, and exploring.

Like to Hunt?

It’s What We Do Here.

This property and this area is located in the middle of the Northern Ontario Wilderness region on the doorstep of the untamed James Bay region.

Enjoy access to big game hunting for Moose and Black Bear.

Imagine hunting your own land and hunting on the surrounding Crown land adjacent to your property.

Go a little further and you have access to tens of thousands of acres of Crown Land to hunt on.

LOCATED IN Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 27.

Like to Fish?

The river is only about 938 meters (less than 1 kilometer) from the northwest corner of the property.

You can drive your vehicle to within about 200 meters of the river and then perhaps use your ATV to get your boat to the river.

Within a 4 minute drive or less you can be fishing the Frederick House River for Bass, Walleye, Perch and Northern Pike.

Within a 20 minute drive you can be fishing Lilabelle Lake, Silver Queen Lake, the mighty Abitibi River Bass, Walleye, Perch and Northern Pike.

There are about another dozen smaller lakes and rivers within a 5-20 minute drive that you can also fish on.


Take advantage of abundant white gold and enjoy the 650 kilometres of well groomed, safe and adventurous snowmobile trails, all within Cochrane’s backyard! Our trail network features directional signs that extend to

Greenwater Provincial Park, Smooth Rock Falls, Timmins, Iroquois Falls, and Québec. In addition to the trails network, we also feature an ample number of local trails.

ATV Trails

If you like to ride your ATV along trails then you will love this area as there are trails all over the area.

Find Crown Lands that have been recently harvested and ride all the skid trails they made to haul out the timber.

Follow old trails to some wonderful fishing and hunting spots on the Crown Lands.



The seller may consider financing a sale as long as a buyer has at least 50% down payment.

The seller will hold an open mortgage at 8% interest over a 5 or 7 year term.

Based on a selling price of $48,000, if a buyer has $24,000 down payment , the seller will hold an OPEN MORTGAGE at 8 per cent interest over your choice of the following terms.

On a 5 year term and a 5 year amortization the payment is $485.14 per month.

On a 7 year term and a 7 year amortization the payment is $372.51 per month.

On a 5 year term and a 10 year amortization the payment is $289.54 per month.



Cochrane is the birthplace of the NHL Hall of Famer TIM HORTON.

He grew up playing hockey in Cochrane and won 4 Stanley Cups with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Tim Horton is also famous for being the founder of the TIM HORTONS COFFEE CHAIN.

Conveniently located along Highway 11, the Town of Cochrane is easily accessible by road, rail, and air.

Cochrane is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Northern Ontario. The moderate property taxes, cost of housing and rise in property prices continue to make Cochrane attractive to those relocating from other communities.

Unlike most other northern communities, Cochrane boasts of a much diversified economy. Retail, tourism, hospitality, restoration, construction and trades to name a few. Furthermore, close to 20% of all businesses in Cochrane are entrepreneurship based. Many people in Cochrane chose to work for themselves and do well by doing so.

Cochrane has a full complement of family physicians that ensures every one of its citizens has a doctor and access to health services.

Dining Out

The eating and dining options in Cochrane offer a variety of cuisine, with fast and friendly service. From sit down service to dine-out preferences, support local and enjoy a meal at one of our finest established restaurants.

Check out the Fresh & Fancy Bakery on 4th St. in Cochrane and get yourself some of the best APPLE FRITTERS you will ever taste.


The Cochrane Airport has a runway of 4,500 feet and serves as a vital hub linking passengers and freight to the James Bay Coastline.


Operated by Ontario Northland, the Cochrane Railway Station is the southernmost stop for the Polar Bear Express and the last road accessible junction for the rail line before it heads further north towards the James Bay Coast


Ontario Northland also provides out-of-town motor coach bus service, as well as parcel express shipping with lower competitive rates, between Toronto and locations in Central and Northern Ontario, including Cochrane.



How far is Cochrane, Ontario?

732 kilometers from Toronto to Cochrane

373 kilometers from North Bay to Cochrane

730 kilometers from Ottawa to Cochrane

820 kilometers from Kingston to Cochrane

830 kilometers from Niagara Falls to Cochrane

400 kilometers from Sudbury to Cochrane

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