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$150,000.00 CDN - File 44 -  NEW HUNTING CABIN on 35.7 Acres in Hearst Township $150,000 Canadian


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File 44 -  NEW HUNTING CABIN on 35.7 Acres in Hearst Township $150,000





If you love the great outdoors, there’s no shortage of recreational activities to choose from in this area any time of the year!

Using this cabin as your “home base” our nature is easily accessible.

This is the perfect place to unplug and recharge.

Come north to your cabin and enjoy endless hiking and cycling trails,  paddling and fishing the local lakes or JUST SIT ON YOUR DOCK overlooking your pond and have a snooze.

In mid to late summer keep your eyes on the sky for the Northern Lights–you never know when nature’s most spectacular light show will make an appearance!



This property is located in Hearst Township about 7.5 kilometers south of the MUNICIPALITY OF THE TOWN OF LARDER LAKE.

LARDER LAKE is known as “The little town with a heart of gold”.

The town of Larder Lake is located on Highway 66 east of the larger Town of Kirkland Lake.

There is also the big lake called “LARDER LAKE”.

The town of the same name sits on the north shore of the lake.

Hearst Township lies within the boundary of the MUNICIPALITY OF LARDER LAKE.




The property fronts on secondary Highway 624.

A review of maps shows that the property has about 1,300 feet of frontage on Highway 624.

Highway 624 originates at Englehart on Highway 11 and it leads to the beautiful small town of Larder Lake.

There is a driveway entrance off the highway leading to the cabin.

You can DRIVE YOUR CAR from the highway and be at your cabin in about a minute.



This property is pretty well forested with mostly hardwoods like Poplar Trees and Birch Trees and softwoods like Spruce Trees.

These trees are of a pretty good size and are mature or very close to mature.

Along the ponds there are some Cedar Trees and some Tamarack Trees.



Check out this beautiful recently constructed timber frame cabin porch located on 35.7 acres of mature timber .

The cabin is 20 feet by 16 feet in diameter.

Open concept so that a new owner can add their personal touch in how to position their furniture and sleeping area.

Perhaps a new owner may want to add a partial dividing wall and place some bunks.

It also has a nice 8 foot by 16 foot covered porch to sit on.

The deck itself is about 8 feet deep by 20 feet wide.

The cabin sits on top of a ridge over looking a massive pound full of ducks.

The cabin sits about 200 feet east of the pond.

The cabin has been naturally sealed with linseed oil to protect it.

There is a metal roof covering so you don’t have to worry about any shingles being blown away or leaking.

A metal roof will last you at least 40-50 years.

The cabin is heated by a new wood stove.

The cabin is also wired for generator.

There is a nice fire pit to sit at by the pond.



There is an existing older 10 foot by 12 foot storage shed with a metal roof that is in good condition to place your tools in or store wood in etc.



The pond is a duck and goose magnet.

The pond is about 3.4 acres in size.

If you like to hunt waterfowl then you really don’t have to go anywhere else.

There is a small wooden dock at the pond where you can sit and watch the birds, ducks and other wildlife come to the pond.

The owner has even added a nice canoe to go with the dock.

The creek the pond is on empties into Benson Creek to the north.

Benson Creek empties into the Southwest Arm of Larder Lake.



There is no electrical service in this area or to the property.


You can also add to this by adding solar panels and perhaps even a small windmill.



A few thousand acres of CROWN LAND adjoins this property to the south.

That is plenty of Crown Land to hunt on, snowmobile on and ATV on.



We did a search at the Registry Office and found a copy of a survey of the property.

The survey is dated May 19, 1933.

We also have a copy of the original patent that was with the survey.



This property comes with SURFACE RIGHTS.

These rights give you the right to enjoy the land, build on it, hunt on it, make a well, a septic field and create gardens.

The trees are reserved to the Crown



The property is zoned NR (Natural Resources Zone)

Permitted Uses under this zoning are;

  • Agricultural Use
  • Camp
  • Conservation Use
  • Forestry
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Existing Residential Uses
  • Sawmill
  • Existing Tourist Commercial Establishments
  • Accessory uses, buildings and structures to the foregoing permitted uses

NOTE: The definition of a Camp (Hunt Camp, Fishing Camp) in this Municipality?

Means a building or structure intended to provide basic shelter and accommodation on a short-term basis for persons engaged in such activities as hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking or other similar forms of recreation and to which no public services are provided (hydro, water,sewage, garbage collection, or road maintenance).



The seller has made and stacked a few piles of firewood from when he cleared the cabin site.

A new owner already has some firewood ready to burn for the fall and winter season to keep you warm and toasty for the fall hunt or visit to the cabin.



This part of Ontario is a hunter’s paradise, whether you’re after big game like spring or fall black bear, moose,  wolf, white-tailed deer, or small game and waterfowl.

Grouse and a range of ducks are all on the menu.


If you like grouse hunting be aware that there are lots of them in this area.



If you’re looking to enjoy the area lakes for a day, there are plenty of public launches throughout the region–and you’ll find locals eager to help.

Fish Larder Lake and at least 8 other lakes all within a 10-20 minute drive.

Only 2 minutes away from a boat launch to get onto Larder Lake.



With some of the most reliable snow in Ontario and one of the longest seasons around, snowmobiling is an altogether different experience in this part of Northeastern Ontario!

The trails are wide and fast, the snow conditions are great, and the people are always friendly.



If you need to do major shopping then the place to go to is the Town of Kirkland Lake which is only about 27 kilometers or 10.4 miles to the west on Highway 66.

There are grocery stores, restaurants, doctors, dentists, lawyers, hotels and more in Kirkland Lake.

Everyday groceries can be gotten at Larder Lake Co-Op.

While in Larder Lake enjoy eating out at restaurants like The Muddy Moose Restaurant and Inn and The Vault.

Have a brew at the Royal Canadian Legion.

There is a post office if you need one.

Need boating repairs and supplies then go to Larder Sports & Marine.

The property is only about a 5 minute drive from the town of Larder Lake.



From Larder Lake to Toronto 592 kilometers

From Larder Lake to Ottawa 592 kilometers

From Larder Lake to Niagara Falls 690 kilometers

From Larder Lake to Kingston 681 kilometers

From Larder Lake to North Bay 234 kilometers

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