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$30,000.00 CDN - File  47ES -  Building lot in the Community of GOGAMA, ONTARIO $30,000 CDN


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Vacant building lot

Your “HOME BASE” for hunting and fishing





A vacant building lot in the Town of Gogama, in Northeastern Ontario.

This is a rectangular building lot located at the corner of Pine Street and Henry Street

The lot is not improved on and is vacant.

It is level with the streets.

Town sewer and water run along the frontage of the property and can easily be brought into the building site.Electrical power also runs along the street.

If you don’t want to build then place your motorhome on the property or your trailer or your manufactured home/unit on the property.



A review of Plan M72 shows that the property size is as follows:

52.12 ft x 100 ft



The Township of NOBEL, in which the Community of Gogam is located in is AN UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

It is not an incorporated municipality, but is administered by a local services board.

If you build any building or a house YOU DO NOT REQUIRE A BUILDING PERMIT!

The only permit you need is an electrical permit if you hook up to electrical power.



The Community of Gogama is one of Northeastern Ontario’s natural treasures.

It is located in Noble Township in the District of Sudbury between the cities of Sudbury and Timmins on Highway 144.

Gogama  is situated approximately 110 Kms south from Timmins and 187 Kms north from Sudbury.

Situated on pristine Lake Minisinakwa, Gogama is home to roughly 450 people, with the population increasing during summer months.

Gogama has a long history as an Aboriginal trading route and up to the 1950's a Hudson Bay post.

Ojibway for "Jumping Fish" Gogama was a traditional “High Portage” of voyageurs and home of the “Wolf Man of the North” Joe LaFlamme.

The natural beauty of the area can be enjoyed on numerous canoe routes, hiking and snowmobile trails.

The Gogama area also offers world class hunting and fishing.


This area might just be the last untapped opportunity for people looking to escape the ‘everyday’.

Besides the soul-quenching benefits of living next to nature, Gogama has a lower cost of living compared to it’s urban neighbours, and all the natural resources opportunities this region is known for.

Gogama is the real deal – you’ll find pristine forests, gorgeous lakes and access to hundreds of kilometers of paddling, ATVing and hiking routes.

Winter is even better – Gogama is located on some of the best snowmobile trails in the province.

  • A Premier Outdoors Recreation Destination
  • World-Class Fishing and Hunting
  • Paddling, ATVing, Snowmobiling, Hiking and more
  • Driving distance to Timmins and Sudbury

Discover What Only a Lucky Few Already Know

  • Economic Opportunity
  • Centre for Mining and Timber
  • Affordable Real Estate
  • Low Cost of Living
  • Close to Larger Urban Centers
  • Off-Grid Lifestyle with Small Town Amenities
  • High Speed and Mobile Connectivity

There are hundreds of lakes at Gogama’s doorstep and the forest for a backyard.

A place where if you want, you can forget the rest of the world exists and still get a cell phone signal when you need one.

In Gogama you can hunt for adventure and fish for opportunity.



The Gogama Local Roads Board

The local roads board is comprised of three publically elected persons whose duties include the overseeing and maintenance of town streets/roads and signs.

A road tax based on property assessment is also levied on all property owners within the administrative boundaries of the Gogama Local Roads Board to pay for services provided.

The Gogama Local Services Board

The Gogama Local Services Board (GLSB) is comprised of five publicly elected members and a Secretary/Treasurer.

The board is responsible for Water, Sewer, Fire Protection, Garbage Collection, Street or Area Lighting, Recreation and Library services.

These services are provided on a pay for service system by means of applying user fees for the individual services.


Our police force consists of a detachment of Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) based in South Porcupine. They are responsible for providing law enforcement services to the surrounding area .


The Gogama area emergency ambulance service is staffed by trained personnel and can be contacted by telephone at 1-877-351-2345

Gogama Nursing Station

The GNS is a sattelite primary care facility sponsored by the "Centre de Santé Communautaire de Sudbury".

It is situated in the Gogama Community Center complex.

It has a full time nurse practitioner specializing in primary care.

Presently, local physicians visit the nursing station to offer extended medical care on an as needed basis.

The nursing station's operating hours are from Mondays to Thursdays between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The telephone number at the station is 705-894-2005.



An Internet "Hot Spot" has been provided at the Gogama Public Library courtesy of Internet service provider for the area Ontera.

This allows citizens and visitors alike free wireless Internet access should they need it.

The service has a range of at least 100 feet  surrounding the library/community centre area and people are invited to use it as needed.




There are three modes of transportation in and out of Gogama. Following is a brief description of each.

The first and most likely access is by Highway 144 which connects Timmins to Sudbury via Gogama which is situated approximately 110 Kms from Timmins and 187 Kms from Sudbury.

This is a paved highway and is part of the Ontario highway system.

The second means of access is by Ontario Northland bus service.

This service is provided on a daily basis with the southbound run from Timmins arriving in Gogama at approximately 9:30 AM .

The northbound run arrives from Sudbury also on a daily basis at approximately 9:45 PM.

A brief stopover at the Rendez-Vous restaurant/tavern is made to pick up or disembark passengers.

Tickets can also be purchased at this location.

For further information, contact Ontario Northland toll free by dialing 1-800-461-8558 or visit their website at: www.webusit.com

The third means of access is by the Via Rail Canada train traveling from Toronto to Vancouver via Gogama.                    The train schedules are as follows.                                                                                                                                                  Eastbound trains arrive in Gogama every Friday, Monday & Wednesday at 09:44 AM.                                                                                                     Westbound trains arrive in Gogama every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 7:20 PM.

Further information can be had by calling Via Rail toll free at 1-800-361-1235 or visiting their website at: www.viarail.ca

All times are approximate and may vary with weather and road conditions.



The Town of Gogama is situated on the shores of Minisinakwa Lake which is long and narrow.

Minisinakwa Lake contains many species of fish including, pickerel (walleye), northern pike, whitefish, perch, bass and ling.

It is fished year round by the local citizenry and visitors and the area fishery is regulated by the MNR.

Several boat launching ramps are available to the public and the lake is served by local outfitters who will be pleased to rent boats.

The wilderness surrounding Gogama is dappled with hundreds of lakes harbouring various fish species such as, pickerel, pike, bass, perch, whitefish, muskelunge, trout, carp and sucker and these abound in pristine lakes and rivers.

Access to many of these is possible by water or roads, some of which require 4-wheeled drive vehicles.

Minisinakwa Lake is located in Zone 8 (Cochrane-Timmins) Region, Ontario, Canada.

The size of Minisinakwa Lake is 955.9 Hectares OR 2362 Acres and the coordinates are 47.6543, -81.7339.

The most popular species caught here are Northern Pike, and Walleye.

There are  2 Boat public Launches at Minisinakwa Lake.



Gogama is an area known for its wilderness and wildlife and is situated in the middle of a vast forest with the nearest city located at a distance of over 100 kilometers.

Moose, black bear, wolf, fox, marten, lynx, beaver, muskrat, otter, skunk and weasel are only some of the fur bearing animals that thrive in the area.

Animals are often seen while driving the local roads.

There are abundant ducks and geese and the area is famous for harboring a large population of partridge.



Snowmobiling has always been popular in Gogama.

Today, many individuals, both young and old own a snowmobile also known as a “skidoo” and use it as soon as sufficient snow is available.

This area has many and varied trails both groomed and ungroomed.



Gogama is a Northeastern Ontario community that is;

580 kilometres north of Toronto

191 km north of Sudbury

114 km south of Timmins.



The seller will finance a sale as long as a buyer has at least a $12,000 down payment.

Based on a sale price of $30,000 CDN, if a buyer has $12,000 CDN as a down payment then the seller will hold an OPEN MORTGAGE for $18,000 at an interest rate of 8%.

You have a choice of the following terms.

On a 5 year term and a 5 year amortization the payment is $363.85 per month.

On a 5 year term and a 10 year amortization the payment is $217.15 per month.

On a 5 year term and a 15 year amortization the payment is $170.67 per month.


REMEMBER THAT THIS IS AN OPEN MORTGAGE and you can pay it off sooner than the term with NO PENALTY!

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