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$65,000.00 CDN - File 48 - 144 acres EAST of Sault Ste. Marie


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A unique property located in Kirkwood Township which is within the boundary of the Municipality of Huron Shores.

The Municipal  office is in the Town of Iron Bridge, Ontario.


Kirkwood Township is an ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.


CROWN LAND SURROUNDS this property on all four sides.


There is seasonal road access to the property and it is seasonal because the Municipality does not maintain or plow the road in winter.


The property had the mature timber recently harvested this past winter.



The eastern portion of the property is high and dry and there is a difference of about 30 meters or 100 feet in grade.

Everything slopes down to the center of the property in a diagonal direction as that is where there is a seasonal creek and a fairly large pond. (check the contour maps).

There is a marshy area around the north side of the pond and that is where the big game likes to hang out.


In discussions with the Municipality we are told that the property is zoned RURAL.

The RURAL designation is quite broad.

Here are the permitted uses in the Rural zone.

Permitted Main Uses

  1. a) Agricultural Use
  2. b) Ambulance Facility
  3. c) Animal Hospital
  4. d) Camp (see Section 3.C for a definition of Camp)
  5. e) Communications Facility subject to Sections 4.11. (b)(v), 4.23 and 4.29
  6. f) Conservation Use
  7. g) Crisis Care Facility
  8. h) Equestrian Establishment
  9. i) Forestry Use
  10. j) Group Home
  11. k) Hobby Farm
  12. l) Maple Syrup Processing Establishment
  13. m) Park or Playground
  14. n) Place of Worship
  15. o) Portable Sawmill
  16. p) Recreational Dwelling
  17. q) Schools
  18. r) Single Detached Dwelling
  19. s) Studio



You can also build a HUNT CAMP.

The following is the description.

Camp (Hunt Camp, Fishing Camp)

Means a building or structure intended to provide basic shelter and accommodation on a temporary basis for persons engaged in such activities as hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking or other similar forms of recreation but does not include a recreational dwelling. A Camp is not the principle residence of the owner or occupant. Camps are remote structures whose access is by water, air or overland by 4 wheel drive or ATV vehicles. They are permitted only by Council by way of a re-zoning application. These structures would be limited to a maximum floor area of 65m2 (700 sq. ft.) and accessory buildings limited to 2 in number with maximum floor areas of 14m2 (151 sq. ft.) each.



The Shaw Dam Lake is located north of the property about half a kilometer.

You can easily access the lake by following the Shaw Road and then taking the Lake road to a public boat launch and parking area.

The lake is within a three minute drive from the property.


The lake has a surface area of 68 Hectares or 168 acres.

A maximum depth of 8.5 meters or 27.9 feet.

An average depth of 3.4 meters or 11.2 feet.


Fish to be found in the lake are BROOK TROUT, BROWN TROUT and ROCK BASS.

A review of the MNR Fish-On-Line website shows that the MNR have been stocking this lake with yearlings since 2008.




This property is located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 36



Whether rifle hunting or bow hunting, the wilderness areas north of Bruce Mines provide ample opportunity for bear and fowl (geese, duck, grouse, partridge) hunting and good deer and moose hunting.




distances to the property

from Sault Ste Marie 90 kilometers

from North Bay 347 kilometers

from Barrie 502 kilometers

from Toronto 613 kilometers

from Hamilton 650 kilometers

from Sarnia 656 kilometers

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