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$120,000.00 CDN - File 49 - 142.45 Acres on Highway 11 near Cochrane Ontario $120,000 Canadian


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This is an exciting opportunity to own a nice investment property with HIGHWAY FRONTAGE.

Located in Glackmeyer Township which is in the boundary of the Town Of Cochrane, Ontario.

506 meters or 1,660 feet of frontage on HIGHWAY 11 on the west end of Town.


The front portion of the property ABOUT 38 ACRES is already zoned LINEAR MIXED USE COMMERCIAL AREA.

The  area  along  Highway  11  has  been  developed  with  a  mixture  of commercial  land  uses.

It is the intent of this designation to recognize the diverse development potential of lands along Highway 11 and  to  permit  a  mixed  variety  of  highway  commercial  uses,  tourist facilities  and  accommodation, light  industrial  and  other  compatible uses.

The  Linear  Mixed  Use Commercial  Area  is  one  in  which  the predominant uses permitted are those primarily oriented to automobile and truck traffic and the  furnishing  of  bulk  supplies,  hospitality  services including  restaurants  and  motels, warehousing,  wholesale  or retail  of  bulky  merchandise,  and  small  scale  manufacturing. Office uses are also permitted.

Light industrial uses may be permitted by way of an amendment to the Zoning By-law.3.

Heavy industrial uses shall not be permitted.

The property already has an approved driveway entrance on Highway 11.


With this zoning in place there a huge number of uses that can be done on this property.

Uses like a truck stop, a motel, storage facilities and a whole lot more.


Two thirds of the property is zoned rural and we are sure that if an owner were to approach the Municipality of increase the size of the mixed use commercial that they would support that.


The southeast corner of the property which is on Highway 11 is only about 2,862 feet (about a half mile) west of the corner of Highway 11 and Highway 579.

This is the corner where Canadian Tire store is located.

To the immediate west of this property is the North Adventure Inn motel property.


Electrical power is available at the highway and can easily be brought into the property.

Of course, land telephone, cable and internet is also available.

The mature trees were harvested about 3 years ago and there is new growth coming up already BUT if someone wanted to clear the land of any stumps and small trees then now is the time to do that.




Over the last two years the Town of Cochrane has made efforts to market its municipality in order to attract youth and skilled labour force to the community.

Cochrane is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Northern Ontario.

The moderate property taxes, cost of housing and rise in property prices continue to make Cochrane attractive to those relocating from other communities.

Cochrane is fortunate to have some very attractive assets not typical of rural Northern Ontario, including the world renowned Polar Bear Habitat.


One of the few communities in Northern Ontario to have experienced growth in the last few years, Cochrane’s economic landscape offers job & investment opportunities for just about every sector. Cochrane top employable industries include mining, forestry, transportation, finance, health care and administrative occupations.


Cochrane is part of the M.I.C.’s (Matheson, Iroquois Falls, Cochrane) group of medical services, which is an organization of the hospitals that use the strengths of their synergy to provide top tier medical services to our area.

While providing leading edge medical services with the most modern of equipment, Lady Minto Hospital in Cochrane also has a resident surgeon and is one of the few in Northeastern Ontario with this important asset.

At the same time, Cochrane has a full compliment of family physicians that ensures everyone of it’s citizens has a family doctor.


With some of the lowest property taxes in Northeastern Ontario, Cochrane provides the highest quality of northern living at competitive cost to the tax payer.

While keeping property taxes competitive, Cochrane has managed to do so without limiting the services and assets it offers to the community.

From a world class tourist attraction in the Polar Bear Habitat, to a modern and highly regarded Tim Horton Events Centre, modern schools, and high caliber recreation and festivals that rank amongst the most prominent in the province. Cochrane truly understands how to provide the best of services at the most competitive of costs.


Looking for an active lifestyle that takes you beyond the hustle and bustle of the city, and looks further than the rural amenities of the countryside.

Get to hockey practice in 5 minutes, get to your cottage within 15 minutes and access the solitude of the fishing lakes and wilderness in as little as 45 minutes; all without traffic jams.

You are not short of recreational and social amenities in Cochrane whether you are 5 or 85.

Cochrane has something for everyone.

You can see most sports clubs out at the annual Welcome to Cochrane showcase.

The Town of Cochrane encourages its residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and promotes affordable programming through its Doable Neighbourhood Project initiatives and through its relatively new recreational complex the Tim Horton Events Centre.

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