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$48,000.00 CDN - File 51 -  37 Acres on KEELEY LAKE $48,000 Canadian


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A super hunting and fishing property fairly close to the City of Timmins in Northeastern Ontario.




Located in Godfrey Township.

Godfrey Township is within the boundary of the City of Timmins so it is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

As it is an organized township and the property does NOT front on a Municipally maintained road then you are limited to be able to build a HUNT CAMP that is no larger than 500 square feet and you CANNOT live on the property year round as your full time residential home.


500 square feet may sound a little small but think of a cabin that is 20 feet by 25 feet.

That gives you plenty of room to build two 10’ x 12’ bedrooms and that still leaves you 10’ x 13 foot open concept kitchen living room area.

Build an outhouse and you have a perfect Hunt/Fishing camp that your friends will envy.


CROWN LAND abuts this property to the north, to the south and to the East.

A few thousand acres of CROWN LANDS.



TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY other than the “pine trees” which are reserved to the Crown.

To our knowledge there are no White Pines or Red Pines on this property so to us the “pine tree” reservation means nothing.

At some point in time the City of Timmins took over the property for non-payment of taxes and then sold this property in a tax sale. When that happens the City keeps the mineral rights so MINERAL RIGHTS are reserved to the City Of Timmins


The property is well forested  with a good mix of Hardwood trees like Poplar Trees and Birch Trees and softwood trees like Spruce Trees and Balsam Trees.

It is our opinion that the trees are mature and marketable trees.


THIS PROPERTY enjoys about 243 meters or about 800 feet of frontage on Keeley Lake.

A review of Township Roll Maps show that this is the ONLY DEEDED LAND on Keeley Lake.

The shoreline is typical Northeastern Ontario lake shoreline with trees down to the shore of the lake.

A small seasonal creek originates in the property and flows into Keeley Lake.


About 2/3rds of the property is level land .

The contour maps show that portion as being at 314 meters above sea level.

The southeast section of the property is much higher and the contour maps show contours at 320 meters above sea level and 330 meters above sea level


The southeast shoreline is about 15-20 feet higher than the lake.

Some nice building spots overlooking the lake on this end.


We are told that there are BROOK TROUT (Speckle Trout) in Keeley Lake.



Northeastern Ontario is a hunter’s paradise, whether you’re after big game like spring or fall black bear, moose  and white-tailed deer, or small game like grouse and rabbit and waterfowl.

Ruffed and spruce grouse are plentiful in the fall.

You will be successful.

This property is located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 30.



We drove a truck to within a quarter of a mile or about 400 meters of the west property line of this property.

And got stuck for a while in a wet spot that was about 200 feet long.

It had also been raining quite a bit.

Then we used an ATV from that point on.

At this point we can see in aerial photos that there was a line cut just above the northerly line of the property that goes in an east/west direction and this old line is just above the north property line on Crown land.

It most likely be brushed out and could be made driveable by ATV for sure or maybe by truck if someone works at it and clears it wide.

There are other areas along the forest access road where the road comes to within a range of 62 meters to 142 meters above the north property line.

That in between are is on Crown land and you can get a permit to cut out an ATV trail.


Historical Note; A review of the patents reveal that this property was patented September 23, 1914.



We are excited to state that the seller will finance a sale as long as you have at least 35% down payment.

On a $48,000 purchase price you will need a minimum of $17,000 down payment.

The seller will hold an OPEN MORTGAGE for $31,000 at 8% interest over a term of 3 or 5 or 7 years.

On a 5 year term and a 5 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $626.84 per month

On a 7 year term and a 7 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $481.16 per month

On a 5 year term and a 10 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $373.99 per month

On a 5 year term and a 15 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $293.93 per month


Don’t forget that this is an OPEN MORTGAGE where you can pay off the mortgage before the term is up with NO PENALTY!


the City of Timmins is about 20 kilometers to the east and you can get all supplies and building material in Timmins.

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