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$38,000.00 CDN - File 52 - 140 Acres on the Porcupine River $38,000 Canadian


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File 52 – 140 Acres on the Porcupine River $38,000 Canadian









In the middle of nowhere, yet, not that far from civilization.


This 140 acre property is located in Holye Township northeast of the City of Timmins in Northeastern Ontario.

Holyle Township is within the boundary of the City of Timmins so it is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

The Rural zoning will allow for the construction of a “HUNT CAMP”.

The “Hunt camp” can be no larger than 500 square feet and CANNOT be lived in year round.


A very nice property that is divided by the PORCUPINE RIVER.

The northeast corner of the property is on the north side of the river.

This portion is about 1 acre in size and has about 379.89 feet of frontage along the river.

The on the south side of the river there is about 579.95 feet of frontage on the river.


There are some very nice building spots on the property that would overlook the river.

All you have to do is decide what view you want.



You can only get to this property by watercraft in the non-winter months.

In winter you could snowmobile to the property by following old mostly grown in timber roads.


What an interesting property this is.

A review of the original patent shows that the land was patented by the Crown for “The Volunteers who served in South Africa and the Volunteer Militia who served on the Frontier in 1866”.

That is a pretty neat history on this parcel of land.

The patent tells that the land grant was for 140 ACRES.

The patent also tells that “ALL PINE TREES” are reserved to the Crown but the owners forester states that there are no “pine trees” on this property or in that area so that reservation really does not mean anything to this property.


The trees on the property HAVE NOT BEEN HATVESTED so the property is well wooded.

Trees that you will find on this property are mainly Poplar Trees, Spruce Trees and Balsam Trees.


Looking at the contour maps reveals that the majority of the property is good and dry and a small section at the center of the easterly line of the property is wet and the maps show the swamp symbols on that part.

This portion is where the moose will be hanging around in as they like the wet area and that is also where they go to calf.

In all, it appears that there is a fairly gentle slope down to the Porcupine River.


CROWN LAND abuts the property to the east and to the north.

About 160 acres of Crown land to the east and about 320 acres of Crown land to the north.

That gives you another 480 acres to hunt on and play on for free.



TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY other than the pine trees which are reserved to the Crown.

MINERAL RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY (Note: there is a 2% net smelter royalty reserved in the favour of Nighthawk Timber Ltd.).

Let us explain this 2% reserve…

FOR EXAMPLE: If a mining company comes to you to explore your property for gold and you make a deal that you get 5% of the net smelter sales AND they find some then you will have to pay 2% of the 5% to Nighthawk Timber.

IF YOU DO NOT MAKE ANY DEAL WITH ANYONE for the minerals the you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY 2% to Nighthawk Timber.





Cell service is sporadic but with the addition of a booster can be decent.


Should you not have enough money for an outright cash purchase then, THE SELLER will finance a sale.

On a purchase price of $38,000 the seller would require you to have at least $13,300 down payment.

The seller will hold an OPEN MORTGAGE of $24,700 at 8% interest for a 3 or 5 or7 year term.

On a 3 year term and 3 year amortization your payment would be $ $772.53 per month

On a 5 year term and 5 year amortization your payment would be $ $ 499.29 per month

On a 7 year term and 7 year amortization your payment would be $ $ 383.38 per month

On a 5 year term and 10 year amortization your payment would be $ $ 297.98 per month

On a 5 year term and 15 year amortization your payment would be $ $ 234.19 per month


How far is this property?

From the boat launch at Holye it is a 10 kilometer boat ride to the property.

Taking your time and most likely fishing by trolling along the way at most it would take you about a half hour to get to the property.

Like to hunt?

The property is located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 30.

There are moose in this area. Not everyone wants to go by boat to get to a good moose hunting area so there is minimal pressure on the moose.

There are plenty of Black Bear in the area to satisfy any bear hunter.

Of course, the small game hunting in this area is always good.

Another exciting thing is the waterfowl hunting. You are in the flyway and there are plenty of ducks and geese to go around.

Like to fish?

When you fish the Porcupine River be ready and expect to catch Northern Pike, Walleye and Perch.

We caught our limit from the time we launched the boat to the time we got to the property.

The Porcupine River begins at Porcupine Lake and flows northeast under Ontario Highway 101 out of the lake at the community of Porcupine between the neighbourhoods of Pottsville and Golden City. It flows northeast, takes in the left tributary North Porcupine River, flows southeast through the neighbourhood of Hoyle and again under Highway 101, and reaches its mouth at the northwest of Night Hawk Lake.


Do all your shopping in the City of Timmins.

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