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$54,000.00 CDN - File 61   - 160 Acres in Strange Township $54,000 Canadian


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File  61   - 160 Acres in Strange Township $54,000 Canadian


Experience the outdoors the way nature intended.

All on your own property!








This is an incredible opportunity to own a great hunting property in an UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIP in Northern Ontario west of the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Located approximately 70 kms (42 miles) southwest of Thunder Bay and 60 kms (36 miles) from the Canada - US Border.


More specifically this property is located in STRANGE TOWNSHIP which is one of the few UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIPS in this beautiful Province of Ontario, Canada.

Unorganized means that there is no Official Plan so there is NO ZONING and that means that NO BUILDING PERMIT is required.

You can build what you want, any size you want, any number of buildings that you want and NO BUILING PERMIT REQUIRED.




TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY except for the PINE TREES which are reserved to the Crown.


The western side of the property is bordered by a few thousand acres of Crown Lands.

The northern side of the property is bordered by The Divide Ridge Nature Preserve.

The preserve is about 1,600 acres in size.

The easterly side of the property is bordered by about 160 acres of Crown Land.


This area is typical Boreal Forest.

It provides a spectacular backdrop for a variety of wildlife including bear, moose and deer and a variety of other small mammals  as well as bald eagle, osprey, peregrine falcons, ducks and geese.

A superb environment for hiking, hunting, berry or mushroom picking or a photographer looking to capture the wild.


The mature timber was harvested about 15 years ago.

Any tree that wasn’t mature enough to harvest at that time is now 15 years older and bigger.

The new growth is and has been attracting the big game like white tail deer, moose and black bear.



This is not just flat and swampy property.

The property has structure to it.

The south half of the property is higher than the north half.

If you check out the contour map you will find that the rear (south) portion is about 50 meters higher than the north portion.

That is about a 160 foot difference.

Looking at the contour maps the indication is that there is a good sized ridge overlooking the north section towards the ponds and the small lake to the west.


There are many places to build whatever you want on.

You decide what view you want.


There is a small lake (OR A HUGE POND) on Crown land west of the property.

A creek flows easterly from this small lake/huge pond and it goes through the property.

Beavers have dammed some of the creek and has created a large long narrow pond.

The animals like this.


Though the Strange Township sits just north of the U.S. border, accessing the Township requires a drive down Hwy. 588, a quick jaunt from Thunder Bay and west of the town of Nolalu, Ontario.

But, from Grand Marais, head over the border on Hwy. 61, then take a left on Hwy. 593 for about 30 miles, then take another left on Hwy. 588 and follow the road around Whitefish Lake.

When you get to the Mileage 46 Road, turn right (north) and follow the directions to the property.



If you like to fish then remember that WHITEFISH LAKE is about 5 minutes away to the south.

Whitefish Lake is just under 12 square miles and is visited throughout the year by fisherman fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Yellow Perch  and Northern Pike.

It’s a great, year-round fishing destination, and one of the more popular ice fishing destinations in the area, being one of the first lakes to freeze up in the winter.

There are a few resorts located around Whitefish Lake and there is a PUBLIC BOAT LAUNCH ABD PARKING AREA that you can use or get to know one of the resort owners and make a private deal to leave your boat there.



This property is located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 13.

You can hunt here for a variety of wildlife including bear, moose and deer.

Small game like partridge and rabbit.

Waterfowl  like ducks and geese that land on the pond.

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