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$45,000.00 CDN - File 65 - 151 Acres in Leitch Township $45,000 Canadian


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A good hunting property north of Cochrane, in beautiful Northeastern Ontario.


A very nice property located in Leitch Township about 20 kilometers or  northwest of the Town of Cochrane, Ontario.


The property fronts on the east portion of the Dina Creek Road.

Dina Creek Road is a SEASONAL ROAD as it is NOT PLOWED IN WINTER.

Access to the property in winter would be by snowmobile or if you plowed the road yourself.

In Fact, the property is only 506 meters or half a kilometer or 1,660 feet west off Highway 579.


Leitch Township is within the boundary of the Town Of Cochrane so it is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.






As mentioned the property size is 151 acres.

500 meters of frontage on Dina Creek Road and a depth of 1.2 kilometers or 1,200 meters or 3,934 feet.


There are 150 acres of Crown land that abuts the property to the immediate north and 300 acres of Crown Land that abuts the property to the immediate west.

That is an extra 450 acres to hunt on.


The mature trees were harvested some 15-20 years ago and the new growth is up pretty high and anything not harvested at that time is that much older now.

The trees to be found on the property are mostly Poplar trees and Spruce trees.


The old timber access road into the property is still visible and driveable today most of the way by truck and certainly by ATV or ARGO.

It goes north in the property almost to the end.

This old roadway has become a pathway for the big game and small game on the property.

Just imagine all the opportunities to put up tree stands or ground blinds to hunt from.


The terrain is mostly a rolling type of terrain.


Best Recreational Activities on your Rural Land

Have some fun with your property while your investment grows in value.

Here are  recreational activities to enjoy on your land.

Riding Quads.




Dirt Biking.

Kite Flying (You know for the kids…)

Meditating in complete silence.

Raise Livestock

You've got a property that is large enough to go four-wheeling, snowmobiling, dirt biking, mountain biking, paintball tournaments and other recreational activities. Simply use the property for various recreational activities. These types of properties require very little (if any) development and virtually no ongoing maintenance… and not to mention, they can be a lot of fun!

Alternatively, if you're looking for more of a laid back recreational use, you can simply take your family and friends out for an evening to eat and have a bonfire. Not a bad way to have a night of good, clean (and inexpensive) fun!

Do you know how to live off the land? Use your land to teach kids and adults valuable life skills. It could be as simple as teaching individuals how to collect dry firewood, or as complex as building a small shelter entirely from natural resources. If you contact local Boy Scout or Girl Scout troops, you may also be able to offer your land to them for annual camping trips. Any kind of knowledge like that can be a valuable skill set to pass on to others, especially younger generations.

One of the simplest things to do with your property is to simply preserve it. It’s your land after all, and you have the right to protect it. You can designate an area to be free from hunting, camping, logging and even fishing. Some land owners are happy to simply buy land and allow it to return to its natural habitat. They can even farm a small area of it and leave the rest of the land to the wild, with plenty of trails for kids and dogs to explore! If you have any inclination towards environmental protection, this could be a great fit for the property you own.



The Town of Cochrane is the birthplace of TIM HORTON, a hockey hall of fame member who won 4 Stanley Cups with the Toronto Maple Leafs.



Conveniently located along the Trans-Canadian Highway 11, Cochrane is serviced by a network of air, rail, and road systems, connecting the town to major centers such as Timmins, Sudbury, and Toronto.

The Cochrane Airport has a runway of 4,500 feet and serves as a vital hub linking passengers and freight to the James Bay Coastline. Home to two recently built hangars and warehouse, each measuring between 5,040 to 7,000 square feet, sites for aero development and storage are readily available.

From private and executive charters coming and going, air cargo flights scheduled weekly, medivac services, lower fuel rates, and stationed aircraft maintenance engineers, the Cochrane Airport is always bustling with activity.


Looking for an active lifestyle that takes you beyond the hustle and bustle of the city, and looks further than the rural amenities of the countryside. Get to hockey practice in 5 minutes, get to your cottage within 15 minutes and access the solitude of the fishing lakes and wilderness in as little as 45 minutes; all without traffic jams.

You are not short of recreational and social amenities in Cochrane whether you are 5 or 85. Cochrane has something for everyone. You can see most sports clubs out at our annual Welcome to Cochrane showcase. The Town of Cochrane encourages its residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and promotes affordable programming through its Doable Neighbourhood Project initiatives and through its relatively new recreational complex the Tim Horton Events Centre.


Cochrane is part of the M.I.C.’s (Matheson, Iroquois Falls, Cochrane) group of medical services, which is an organization of the hospitals that use the strengths of their synergy to provide top tier medical services to our area. While providing leading edge medical services with the most modern of equipment, Lady Minto Hospital in Cochrane also has a resident surgeon and is one of the few in Northeastern Ontario with this important asset. At the same time, Cochrane has a full compliment of family physicians that ensures everyone of it’s citizens has a family living in the town that’s wonderfully unexpected.


One of the few communities in Northern Ontario to have experienced growth in the last few years, Cochrane’s economic landscape offers job & investment opportunities for just about every sector. Cochrane top employable industries include mining, forestry, transportation, finance, health care and administrative occupations.


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