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$30,000.00 CDN - File 65- 157.5 acres in Matheson Township


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File 65- 157.5 acres in Matheson Township


Matheson Township is within the Boundary of the City of Timmins so it is an ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.


An exciting opportunity to own an awesome hunting property or a property where you can start a replanting operation.


Seller will hold an OPEN MORTGAGE at 8% interest for a buyer who has at least 35% down payment.

In this case on a purchase price of $30,000 the required down payment is $10,500

The mortgage is $19,500.

On a 5 year term and 5 year amortization the monthly payment is $ 394.18 per month

On a 7 year term and 7 year amortization the monthly payment is $ 302.67 per month

On a 5 year term and 20 year amortization the monthly payment is $ 161.53 per month.


The mature timber was harvested this past winter of 2017 and 2018.


The property is forested with a mix of Spruce trees, Balsam trees, Poplar trees and Birch trees.

All the mature timber was harvested in tree length and the younger trees were left.


What remains is a fantastic opportunity for someone to come in and start cutting firewood from the portions of the trees that were left on the ground.

You can easily make a lot of money selling firewood that you cut up yourself or by allowing people to come in and cut firewood themselves.


Access to the property is via a winter road that was created by the timber contractor.

The winter road starts at the Connaught Road and goes west for a half mile or 0.8 kilometers to the property and then the winter road continues diagonally southwest to the southwest corner of the property.


When the winter road melts what is going to remain is a very rough road that you may be able to drive on and you can certainly get a permit from the MNR to improve it for regular driving on.

At worst case when the snow is gone you will have an awesome really wide ATV/ARGO trail.

Some of the skid trails can become atv/argo trails.

The winter road is on CROWN LAND.


A hydro line cuts through the property in a diagonal line.

The hydro line is a good place to go hunting on.

In fact there is a tree stand on the property on the north side of the hydro line that has a view in both directions.




TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THE PROPERTY except for the “Pine Trees” which are reserved to the Crown.

Please Note that there is a 2% net smelter royalty reserved to a previous owner.

If you don’t plan to mine this property then that 2%reserve will mean nothing but if you do make a deal with a mining company to mine the property then be aware that a previous owner gets a 2% royalty.

The property appears to be  relatively level with the southeast section of the property being abou 10 meters  higher than the northwest section.


You can take an ATV or ARGO from the property down to the Frederick House River.

From the westerly line of the property it is about 600 meters or 1,980 feet to the river.


The property is zoned RURAL and you can build a “hunt camp” not exceeding 500 square feet.


From the City center of Timmins it is only 33 kilometers to the property, roughly 20 miles.

From the property it is about 36 kilometers to the Town of Matheson.

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