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$40,000.00 CDN - File 66 -  39.70 acres in Playfair Township


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This property has just been newly surveyed this spring as it was severed off a larger property.

In our story and on our maps we refer to this property as PART 1.

It enjoys 201 meters or about 660 feet of frontage on Cardinal Road just south of the Town of Matheson in Northeastern Ontario.

The depth of the property is 808 meters or about 2,650 feet.


Playfair Township is located within the boundary of the Municipality of Black River-Matheson so it is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.

Cardinal Road is a year round road that is maintained and plowed in winter by the Municipality of Black River-Matheson.


There is electrical power along the opposite side of the road if you want to hook up to the grid.

You can choose to stay off the grid if you want.

There is no law stating that you have to hook up.


The front of the property is moderately wooded with timber that is around 15 years old as that is when the mature timber was harvested.

The new growth is around 15 years old and anything that was not mature enough to harvest at that time is of course now 15 years older and taller.


What is interesting about this property is that there is about 15 acres or more of old hay fields at the rear (the north end)  of the property.

If you put in a long driveway to just where the old fields start you would have some beautiful building spots and real good privacy.

You wouldn’t be able to see a house from the road and hear minimal road noise if any.


The zoning is rural and that means that you can live here year round if you choose, you can start a farm and a home business.


The contour maps show that the property is level throughout.

There is no indication of any wet areas or swampy areas on the property.


Being involved in sales of other properties in the area in past years we know that the ground is suitable for septic fields and for wells either dug or drilled.


The seller will finance a sale as long as you have at least 35% down payment.

On a $40,000 purchase price you will need a minimum of $14,000 down payment.

The seller will hold an OPEN MORTGAGE for $26,000 at 8% interest over a term of 3 or 5 or 7 years.

On a 3 year term and a 3 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $813.19 per month

On a 3 year term and a 10 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $313.67 per month

On a 3 year term and a 15 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $246.52 per month

On a 5 year term and a 5 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $525.57 per month.

On a 5 year term and a 10 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $313.67 per month

On a 5 year term and a 15 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $246.52 per month

On a 7 year term and a 7 year amortization period the mortgage payment will be $403.56 per month



There are many great recreational lakes in the area for your enjoyment.

If you like fishing you will love it here!

Snowmobiling is one of Black River-Matheson's largest winter industries.

Riders travel from near and far to enjoy the local trail system.

Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are also very popular in the area, with an abundance of high quality snow, winter fanatics can get out and enjoy every day.

In Black River-Matheson, ice fishing is enjoyed by both families and devoted fishermen alike - there's nothing better than a day out on the lake.

Lake Abiltibi and Black River are just two of the many lakes and rivers in the area that residents and visitors alike will find some of the best ice fishing in Northern Ontario.


The property is located in WMU 28.

Northeastern Ontario is a hunter’s paradise, whether you’re after big game like spring or fall black bear and white-tailed deer, or small game and waterfowl.

Grouse, rabbit and a range of ducks are all on the menu.

Hundreds of miles of unused and overgrown logging roads wind their way throughout this area, making it one of the best grouse hunting areas anywhere.

The local forest consisting of Aspen, Spruce and Birch, is a prime natural habitat for grouse, producing a large population.

Ruffed and Spruce Grouse are abundant throughout this area,


Cardinal Road is off Highway 11.

The property is 2.6 kilometers west of Highway 11.

The closest major town is the Town of Matheson about 16.4 kilometers north on Highway 11.

In Matheson you have a school, a library, a hospital, lawyers office, a credit union, restaurants, a building supply store and a lot more.

If you want to do heavy duty shopping the go to the City of Timmins about 70 kilometers west of Matheson.

All the big box stores and major building supply stores are located there.


Black River-Matheson, population of approximately 2500, is the ideal place to settle within the pristine area of Northeastern Ontario.

With affordable location and away from the fast pace of city life, this municipality offers a wide range of accessibility to natural resources and an easy reach to most of the amenities of a larger urban center, but at a fraction of the cost.

Black River-Matheson is a friendly, bilingual and motivated community within which to raise a family and set down roots.


Black River - Matheson connects three of Ontario's most productive gold mining areas.

Five of its mines yield gold, and exploration for other minerals is underway.


Matheson is located along highways 11 & 101 and lies 56 km Northwest of Kirkland Lake, 65 km East of Timmins centre and 300 km north of North Bay, in the District of Cochrane in the northeastern part of Ontario. The Township is bound on the West by the City of Timmins, on the North by the Town of Iroquois Falls and on the South and East by unorganized territory.

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