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$72,000.00 CDN - File 71 - 159.5 Acres in the UNORGANIZED Pense Township $72,000 Canadian


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Pense Townsip is an UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIP in Southeastern Ontario just south east of the Town of Englehart, Ontario.

It is about 21.5 kilometers or 13.6 miles to the property from Englehart.




TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY other than the pine trees which are reserved to the Crown.


The property is well treed with mature timber.

Apparently there is a good amount of timber.


At one time you could drive to the property in a truck.

There was a bridge that went over the LITTLE OTTER SKIN CREEK and you could drive over the bridge and carry on to the property on a pretty decent bush road.

A while back this bridge was take out and access today is limited to someone having an ARGO (an amphibious ATV).

Today if you had an ARGO you can easily cross the creek and continue on to the property.

Depending on the season and how dry the summer has been then you might be able to take your ATV across the creek or perhaps even be able to drive your truck across and then continue on to the property.

Past the creek there is a bush road that now may be grown in in certain places but we are sure it can be brought back.

This bush road travels through Crown Land for about 1.2 kilometers or ¾ of a mile to get to the westerly line of the property.

In winter of course, you can certainly snowmobile to the property.


If you were to harvest the mature trees then you could possibly get a permit to erect a small bridge over the LITTLE OTTER SKIN CREEK from the MNR and that would give you access to the property.

The predominate tree species in this area are Spruce trees, Poplar Trees, Jack Pine Trees and Birch Trees.

There will be some cedars along the creek.


This is a very good hunting area.

Plenty of moose and black bear to choose from.

Located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 28.


A small seasonal creek flows through the property.

There are some fairly decent sized ponds created by the local beavers along this seasonal creek.


The southeast section of the property is about 30 meters or almost 100 feet higher than the rest of the property.

This portion overlooks the property in a northwest view.

This section also has some rocky outcroppings.

The rest of the property is mostly a gentle slope down to the seasonal creek.

Other than the immediate area surrounding the creek and the ponds the contour maps indicate that there are no swampy areas on the property.


Crown Lands surround this property on all four sides.

So, as a hunting property you have a lot more immediate territory (well over 1,400 acres) to hunt on when you utilize the Crown Lands.


THE Owner recently went on a hike on this property and this is what he said.

“On our hike we went from the SW corner over to near the SE corner, then followed the beaver meadows up the creek. We hiked up the hill into the NE part of the property, which is exposed bedrock and pine forest, with an impressive view to the west.

In the NW part of the property there are some open grassy tracts that are well drained and elevated, and are the remains of the trails that were used to skid logs out in the distant past.”


The Town of Englehart is a small community in Ontario's Northeast.

Traveling north along the Trans Canada Highway, one comes across this beautiful oasis of small town charm intertwined with most of the amenities of major urban centres.

Situated half-way between the U.S. Border and James Bay, mid-way between North Bay and Timmins, Englehart is centrally located making it the perfect destination of family holidays and hunting opportunities.


From small stream fishing to fishing from a boat, your next catch is only a cast away.

This area offers numerous area lakes to choose from and a positive reputation for good fishing, the following can be found throughout the local waters;

Pickerel (Walleye)

Brook Trout

Small Mouth Bass

Northern Pike

Perch Fishing (Lakes only)



Northeastern Ontario is a hunter’s paradise, whether you’re after big game like spring or fall black bear and white-tailed deer, or small game and waterfowl.

Ruffled Grouse and Spruce Grouse are plentiful and make a great Autumn hunt in the sweet smelling brush close to Englehart .

If you prefer larger game, big game hunting for Deer, Moose and Bear attract many hunters to the area annually and quite a few are successful.

The Boreal forest  encompassing  this hunting area consists of just the right balance of old and new growth forest. It providing the healthy bear population with excellent shelter, safe den sites, escape cover, and incredible berry crops which are essential for producing trophy bears.

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