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OWN 170 PRIVATE ACRES IN Michipicoten Island Provincial Park !!

OVER 9,300 FEET OF shoreline

A review of the original patents show that two small rocky islands at the mouth of Cozens Harbour come with this property.

Pebble beach and boulder beach.

Land gently slopes from the lake up to the rear of the property.

The property is developed with a small cabin and a small storage building and a portable dock.

There is a small bay called Cozens Harbour in front of the property.

There is a 400 foot shoreline reservation on which you cannot build a permanent structure on.
Any cottage would have to be built 400 feet back from the shoreline.
This would protect the lake from any grey water or septic run off and maintain the quality of the water and protect the fishery.

Michipicoten Island is an island in Ontario, Canada, in the northeastern part of Lake Superior, approximately 175 km (109 mi) northwest of Sault Ste. Marie and 65 km (40 mi) southwest of Wawa, Ontario.

This island is known as the “wild heart” of Superior.

It is located in the Lake Superior’s northeastern corner approximately 65 kilometres southwest of the town of Wawa.

It is the third largest island in Lake Superior.

The island is classified as a natural environment park.
The park is some 36,740 hectares ( 90,786 acres) in size.

Michipicoten Island is 27 km (17 mi) long and ten km (6 mi) wide at its widest point.

With plentiful wildlife (notably beaver, caribou, and birds), it has become a destination for some adventurous kayakers and others who enjoy pristine wilderness at its best AND for those few owners, the knowledge that they are privileged to own a part of Lake Superior history.

At its closest point to mainland Ontario, the island is located about 16 km (10 mi) from land.

The entire island is administered by Ontario Parks as Michipicoten Island Provincial Park. The island is heavily forested, with several inland lakes.

This isolated, seldom visited island offers true solitude, striking scenery, and plentiful wildlife for your viewing pleasure.

Designated as an Ontario Provincial Park in the 1960s, it has seen little development of any kind except for a few private inholdings, or patent lands.

There are only nine patented private land holdings on the entire island of which THIS REMARKABLE PROPERTY is one. Each of these properties are excluded from the park boundary.

These properties being excluded from the park boundary are not subject to provincial park policies.

The north side of the island consists primarily of bluffs or cliffs set back from boulder beaches, while the south shore has boulder and pebble beaches.
There are a few small inland lakes on the island with a good trout population.

There are many trails to try backcountry camping/hiking throughout the island just so you can enjoy the scenery and the local wildlife.

There is an abandoned wooden lighthouse on the island (built in the 1800’s and abandoned in 1918). Check it out !!
Go Fishing
Go Hiking around the island on the many trails
Go kayaking or canoeing around the island
Go exploring with your camera in your hand
Do nothing…just sit back and relax.


You can access the property by private commercial watercraft or by employing the services of local commercial fishing tugs.

From WAWA (Buck’s Marina) to MICHIPICOTEN ISLAND in Lake Superior?
It’s a 50 mile, open water run from Buck’s Marina.

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