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File 73ES - 28.5 Acres of Prime Hunting land in Morley Township $39,000 CDN


$39,000 CDN

28.5 Acres

Property Description








This property is located in Morley Township.

Morley Township is west of Emo, Ontario and east of Rainy River, Ontario.

It is within the district of Rainy River.

The U.S.A. border is close by.



This is a very nice hunting property of about 28.5 acres in size.

A review of the contour maps show that this property is relatively level throughout.

Checking Google Earth historical views indicates that the mature trees were harvested sometime between 1998 and 2000.

The new growth is up and is now about 24-26 years old.

There are some old ATV trails diagonally through the property where you can place your tree stands and enjoy happy deer hunting.

There is a road allowance on the east side of the property.



A Township road allowance runs along the eastern line of the property.

A trail/road runs along the road allowance.

The current owner says that he has driven along the road allowance in the past to get to the property.

It is only about 290 meters from Cameron Road to get to the northeast corner of the property.

That is a pretty short drive.

The trail/road is not maintained by the Township.



This property has a general Rural land use designation.

Permitted Uses

Permitted uses in the Rural area include rural residential dwellings, farm related residential dwellings, agriculture, greenhouses, horticulture, recreational uses, institutional uses, commercial uses, and industrial uses including extraction and processing of peat for horticulture or fuel purposes, waste disposal sites, wayside and regular pits and quarries.

Many of the permitted uses may not be practical for this property due to access and access to services.

It is also the intent of the Rural designation to permit and encourage such rural uses as forestry, mining and mineral exploration, resource management and conservation uses.

Lands used for public or private recreational purposes may be permitted in the Rural area in accordance with the following provisions:

(a) Development shall only take place in areas suitable for the use taking in to consideration the location, surrounding uses, water quality, drainage, soil conditions and traffic generation; and,

(b) Adequate provisions for on-site parking; for ingress and egress; and for onsite movement of vehicular traffic are provided for.



The source of water supply in the Township is from private wells.

An owner will either get a drilled well or a dug well.


Private septic tanks and tile field systems are and will continue to be the traditional means of sewage disposal in the Township.

Individual property owners are responsible for the provision of private sanitary sewage disposal approved by the Northwestern Health Unit.

You can also have an outhouse or today you can now find some very good and affordable compost toilets.



Morley Township is an organized township.

Building permits are required for most construction activity, including construction or placement of new buildings on a property, building renovations, installation of outdoor furnaces, etc., as well as for demolition of a structure.

Contact the Municipal Office, to inquire whether your project requires a building permit.

All building activity within the Township is governed by the Ontario Building Code Act, 1992, as amended, and related regulations.

In addition, buildings and property use is regulated by the Township’s Official Plan.

At this time, the Township of Morley does not have a Zoning By-Law.



If you like to hunt Whitetail Deer then you will love this area.

Local outfitters state that the majority of the local deer are in excess of 300 pounds and have solid genmetics.

This property is in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 10.

2024 White-tailed Deer Seasons Rifles, Shotguns, Muzzle-loading Guns and Bows

Resident - Open Season is November 2 to December 15

Non-Resident - Open Season is November 2 to December 15



Morley is a township in the Canadian province of Ontario, located within the Rainy River District. The township had a population of 481 in the Canada 2016 Census.

Named after John Morley, it was formed in 1903 when the townships of Morley and Pattullo, as well as the village of Stratton, were amalgamated.

Enjoy what this Township has to offer.

Use some of their facilities such as the Morley Park on the Rainy River, the Millennium Hall, the curling rink or the playground.

Attend some of their events such as the Stratton Fishing Derby on the May long weekend, the Fall Supper in October or one of their curling bonspiels.

Really enjoy living in this wonderful friendly township.

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