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$130,000.00 CDN - File 76  - 212.22 Acres Near Larder Lake, Ontario


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File 76  - 212.22 Acres Near Larder Lake, Ontario $130,000 Canadian


Waterfront Property

Large Acreage

2 Lakes

Remote access



In our opinion this is a good investment that will appreciate year after year and at the same time you can enjoy your investment by walking on it, hunting on it, fishing on its lakes, go blueberry picking, camp on it or do whatever else strikes your fancy!


We have SIX (6) properties that total 212.22 acres in McVittie Township.

McVittie Township is located within the boundary of the Township of McGarry in Northeastern Ontario.

More specifically the property is located about 6 kilometers northeast of the Town of Larder Lake which is east of the Town of Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

The Town of Larder Lake is only 17 kilometers or about 10 miles west of the Province of Quebec border.


Words cannot explain the natural beauty that summer brings to this property and to the area!

You would have to visit this property and its two lakes to really appreciate what is there.


The properties were patented as PATENT MINING CLAIMS in 1945.


ALL TREES ARE RESERVED TO THE CROWN (you are allowed to use some of the trees for your own personal use ie: firewood).


Copies of the original surveys from 1945 are available.


The property contours vary a bit from a low at Highwater Lake of 317 meters above sea level to a high of 340 meters above sea level.

A difference of 23 meters or about 75 feet in height throughout the property.

If you look at the contour map we would define this property as having a rolling type of terrain.

From either lake the property mostly has a gentle upslope.


A very unique property that fronts on two lakes.

On Highwater Lake and on Blackwell Lake.

About 3,000 feet of frontage on Blackwell Lake.

About 2,400 feet of frontage on Highwater Lake.


According to the MNR’s FISH ON LINE website

HIGHWATER LAKE has a surface area of 22.5 Acres, it is a shallow lake with the deepest part being around 5 feet and you can fish for Yellow Perch in this lake.

Blackwell Lake has a surface area of about 28 acres, the deepest part is about 26.9 feet and the average depth of this lake is about 16.5 feet.

The Ministry site says that this lake has Walleye, Northern Pike and Yellow Perch.


A review of the aeriel maps indicate that the property is fairly well wooded with a mix of hardwood trees and softwood trees.

Hardwoods would be your Poplar trees and Birch trees and the softwoods would be mostly Spruce trees in this area of the province.


There are some rocky outcroppings throughout the property.


How do you get to this property?

The best and easiest way is by ATV or ARGO by driving down the Hydro line corridor.

The Hydro Transmission line crosses the Killarney Road .

There is a trail that is on and follows this transmission line and you can turn off the road and drive onto the trail for about 700-800 feet.

At this point you will have to park your vehicle and use an ATV or an ARGO to get to the property.

It is about a 2.3 kilometer or 1.4 mile ATV or ARGO ride to the western line of the property.

The Transmission line continues 1.4 kilometers or 0.86 miles through the property to the easterly line of this property.

You can FLY IN to the lake.

Blackwell Lake is a deeper lake and it is large enough so that you can land and take off easily with a Piper Cub or a Super Cub on Floats.


A review of the Official Plan reveals that this property is located in an NR Zone (NATURAL RESOURCE ZONE).

The definition of a “Camp” is as follows;



Lets go fishing

The fishing season begins with an annual fish derby put on by the Larder/McGarry Lions Club.

There is quite a buzz on Larder Lake as fishermen lure the "prize winning" trout, pike and pickerel.

The many kettle lakes are filled with fishermen enjoying the tranquility, warm sun, nature's beauty and their "catch of the day"

Like to hunt?

What's your fancy?

This area has moose hunting, bear, grouse, rabbit, ducks, geese, wolf or fox!

Have it all!

It is no wonder that hunters from all over flock to Northeastern Ontario's rugged and lush landscape for bear, moose, deer and small game!

The Township of McGarry is no exception.

It is complete with mixed hardwood, streams, swamps and mountainous areas.

Hunters know, that this combination of landscape is bound to have moose, bears, and small game such as rabbits and partridge lurking in this lush and rugged forestry!

Hikers and Nature Lovers alike enjoy the picturesque backdrops summer provides for the jumping fish, busy beavers, curious small creatures and hungry bears and moose.



This area is perfect for snowmobiling, ice fishing and skiing enthusiasts.

Snowmobilers come to this area to sample the well groomed trail systems and play in the deep snow where you can really challenge your snowmachine!

Want to go ice fishing?

The pike, trout and pickerel are waiting for you!

Try your luck on Larder lake, Lake Abitibi, Bear Lake or any of the multiple kettle lakes surrounding the McGarry area.



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