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$125,000 CDN

149 Acres

Property Description


Dreaming of owning a remote homestead property OR a pretty private hunting property?

This might just be the property for you!

Enjoy  this spacious and large vacant land parcel.

This unique property offers privacy, a good opportunity for hunting both small and large game.

Nestled in the tranquility of remote country living/cottaging, yet conveniently close to the vibrant Town of Cochrane, this property offers the best of both worlds.

This property has pretty easy seasonal access to amenities, shopping, and recreation centers ensures that your daily needs are met without sacrificing the peace of rural life.



This 149 acre property is in Clute Township which is within the boundary of the Municipality of The Town Of Cochrane in Northeastern Ontario.

Clute Township is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP that is northwest of the Town of Cochrane.



A review of the original patent shows that the property size is rectangular in shape and has a total size of 149 acres.

The property has a width of about 1,660 feet and a depth of about 3,871 feet.

The Glackmeyer Concession Rd 10 Road allowance (Clute Creek Rd) runs along the north line of this property.

There is an unmaintained road/trail along the road allowance.

Clute Creek runs through the northeast corner of the property.

About 430 feet of the creek flows through the property.

There is a huge culvert crossing the creek that at the present time is blocked by large boulders to prevent tresspassers.

The road continues past the culvert/creek crossing for about another 1.5 kilometers.

After this property the old roadway has started becoming overgrown and now is more like an ATV trail.

The property slopes upward from east to west.

The contour lines run from 240 meters to 270 meters above sea level. (look at the contour map in pictures section).

It appears that the mature timber was harvested around 2008 and 2010.

The new growth is now about 14 to 16 years old and is coming up very nicely and is attracting large game.

The fact that access is not easily accessible by a lot of people has made this property and area a nice hunting property.


Clute Creek Road is plowed and maintained for 800 meters west of Highway 572.

This is to Fire number 2803 which is the last house on this road.

From that point on the road is not maintained or plowed.

The road carries on for about 320 meters to the culvert over Clute Creek.

A number of large boulders have been placed over the culvert that prevents most large trucks to not cross over the culvert.

The owner has a small vehicle so he can maneuver his vehicle around the boulders to get to the other side of the creek.

An ATV or ARGO would have no problem getting around the obstacle.

Of course, if an owner wanted access for a regular sized vehicle he can then move the boulders off the culvert.





TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY except for the “PineTrees” which are reserved to the Crown.



A large parcel of Crown land is directly across the road from this property.

Another parcel of Crown land abuts this property to the immediate west.

This parcel of Crown Land extends south down to Malherbe Road.

When this parcel of Crown Land was harvested the Timber contractor created a bush road that is now a decent ATV/ARGO trail that runs north and parallel to the property we have for sale.



A review of the Town of Cochrane zoning By-Law shows that this property is zoned RU – RURAL ZONE

PERMITTED USES in the RURAL ZONE include the following;

  1. a) an agricultural use; b) a bed and breakfast establishment;
  2. c) a cemetery; d) a conservation use;
  3. e) a garden nursery; f) a farm produce outlet;
  4. g) an outdoor recreation area; h) a private club;
  5. i) a public park; j) a public use;
  6. k) a public institutional use; l) a playground;
  7. m) a school; n) a forestry use;
  8. o) a hobby farm; p) a hunt camp;
  9. q) a home industry; r) a home occupation;
  10. s) a group home; t) a commercial kennel;
  11. u) a veterinary establishment; v) a portable asphalt plant;
  12. w) a wayside pit or wayside quarry; x) an existing waste disposal site;
  13. y) an existing gravel pit; z) a place of worship;
  14. aa) a single detached dwelling; bb) a secondary dwelling unit;
  15. cc) a seasonal dwelling.

PLEASE NOTE; All the permitted uses may or are not practical for this property due to location and access.



This property is located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 27



Cochrane is a town in northeastern Ontario, Canada.

It is located east of Kapuskasing, northeast of Timmins, south of Moosonee, and north of Iroquois Falls.

It is about a one-hour drive from Timmins, the major city of the region.

It is the seat of Cochrane District.

Cochrane’s natural beauty, small-town hospitality, and diverse shops, services, and other destinations give it the potential to be a great place for people of all ages and abilities to walk, bike, and get active.

Love winter?

Take advantage of and enjoy the 650 kilometres of well groomed, safe and adventurous snowmobile trails, all within Cochrane’s backyard!

The trail network features directional signs that extend to Greenwater Provincial Park, Smooth Rock Falls, Timmins, Iroquois Falls, and Québec.

In addition to the trails network, there are an ample amount of local trails.



From Toronto to the Town of Cochrane, Ontario 728 kilometers

From Barrie to the Town of Cochrane, Ontario  621 kilometers

From Ottawa to the Town of Cochrane, Ontario 730 kilometers

From Niagara Falls to the Town of Cochrane, Ontario 832 kilometers

From Kingston to the Town of Cochrane, Ontario 819 kilometers

From Sudbury to the Town of Cochrane, Ontario 400 kilometers

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