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$48,000.00 CDN - File 80 - 40 Acres in Godfrey Township $48,000 Canadian


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File 80 – 40 Acres in Godfrey Township $48,000 Canadian



Walking Distance to TWO LAKES



A unique property located northwest of the City of Timmins in beautiful Northeastern Ontario.




You can drive your truck to this property in the NON-WINTER MONTHS.

Take a snowmobile to the property in the winter.


What makes this property unique is that it is ideally located between two lakes.

Keely Lake and Aconda Lake.

Both the lakes are within a VERY SHORT WALKING DISTANCE.

Keely lake is only about 361 feet through Crown land from the southwest corner of this property.

Aconda Lake is only about 352 feet through Crown land from the southeast corner of this property.

Cut an ATV/ARGO trail from each corner of the property through the Crown land to each lake and you can launch a boat and fish each lake.

Better yet stash a boat on each lake and all you do is bring along a small motor and GO FISHING!

One day fish Keely Lake and the next day fish Aconda Lake.


The road to the property needs to be brushed out and trimmed back so that you can easily drive into the property.

Once you are into the property then you will see that this road/trail goes through the property and exits near the southeast corner of the property.

At one time you could drive all the way through.

You can certainly improve this road/trail over time.


A review of the original patents reveals the following;





The trees on the property are between 35-50 years old or older.

We know that you will have some very nice trees on the property as it is well forested.

Predominate trees in that area are hardwoods like Poplar Trees and Birch Trees and softwoods like Spruce Trees and Balsam Trees.

You may have the odd Cedar Trees on the property.

Even though the trees are reserved to the Crown you are allowed to use some of them for your own personal use, for example, for firewood.

In fact cutting down any dead trees for firewood is a good practice to maintain.



The contour maps don’t indicate a big variance in the terrain.

It appears to be mostly a rolling type to flat terrain throughout the property.


The property is SURROUNDED BY CROWN LAND on all four sides.


Aconda Lake has a surface area of 33 hectares or 82 acres

Keely Lake has a surface area of 29 hectares or 72 acres.

Both these lakes appear to be spring fed as we cannot see any creeks or rivers that flow into either lake.


A local trapper told us that these lakes have speckle trout (Brook Trout) in them but we have not been able to confirm this with the MNR yet.


Godfrey Township is within the boundary of the City Of Timmins therefore it is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP and you will have to get a building permit for any structure over 10 feet by 10 feet or over 100 square feet.

Because the property does not front on any Municipally maintained road then you are limited as to what you can build on this property.

You can build what is commonly referred to as a “HUNT CAMP”.

A “HUNT CAMP” can be no larger than 500 square feet and can only be used seasonally.

In other words, you CANNOT LIVE HERE FULL TIME.

To our knowledge there are no exceptions to this rule.


If you like to hunt then you will love this area where the vast majority of the lands are Crown lands.

There are plenty of moose and black bear in the area and apparently the grouse and rabbit hunting is very good.

LOCATED IN WMU (Wildlife Management Unit) 30.



The seller will finance a sale as long as you have 35%  ($17,000) down payment and hold a mortgage at 8% interest.

So, on a purchase price of $48,000 the down payment is $17,000 and the seller will hold a mortgage for $31,000 at 8% interest.

The mortgage will be a closed mortgage for the first 24 months and then becomes an OPEN MORTGAGE after that.

You have a choice of payment plans.

On a 5 year term and a 5 year amortization the mortgage payment is $626.44 per month.

On a 7 year term and a 7 year amortization the mortgage payment is $481.16 per month.

On a 5 year term and a 10 year amortization the mortgage payment is $373.99 per month.

On a 5 year term and a 15 year amortization the mortgage payment is $293.93 per month.

YOU CHOOSE THE PLAN THAT BEST SUITS YOU or we can customize a payment plan for you.

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