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File 151SP -  157.5 acres in the UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIP OF BARNET - PCL 24291 - $150,000


$150,000 CDN

157.5 Acres

Property Description









We offer this 157.5 acres of prime HUNTING LAND in the UNORGANIZED TOWNSHIP of Barnet.

Barnet Township is located southeast of the Town of Matheson in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.

Since the Township is UNORGANIZED that means that there is NO OFFICIAL PLAN and NO ZONING or NO ZONING BY-LAWS.

That means that you can build what you want, for whatever use you want (as long as it is legal), build whatever size building(s) that you want and as many buildings as you want and you DO NOT NEED A BUILDING PERMIT.



This is hunters dream location and property.

It’s got a perfect mix of terrain that the big game like moose and black bear love.

It’s got creeks, it’s got ponds its got some rocky outcroppings and the north section is higher so as a hunter that gives you an area where you can really scope out the game.

The surrounding Crown land gives you even more area to hunt on.

There appear to be some really old trails visible on the aerial photos and those would make good ATV trails if they were to be brushed out.

And, you know that the game will always walk on the trails.

This property is located in WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT UNIT (WMU) 28.


We state that this is a REMOTE ACCESS PROPERTY.

There are a number of ways to get to the property.

  • From the end of Grouse Road

The maintained portion of Grouse Road ends about 3 kilometers southwest of this property.

Take existing ATV/ARGO trails that are already in place and that may need to be brushed out and/or improved.

  • From the end of Wavell Road

When you get to the end of the maintained portion of Wavell Road there is a trail that is about  6.5 kilometers long and it leads to the southwest corner of this property.

The ideal way to access the property on this trail is by ARGO.

There are very old trails that you can see on the aerial photos we have that show some trails leading to the southwest corner of the property.

There are many other trails that are very close to this property so just imagine what you can do to get to your property.

  • From timber roads that come south of Highway 101 that lead to within about 1 kilometer of this property.

From Highway 101 it is a 42.9 kilometer drive on bush roads to within almost 1 kilometer from the property.

That is an amazing stretch of road to hunt on until you get close to your property.


WHICHEVER WAY you choose to access the property will offer you an exciting experience and offer many hunting opportunities.

Come September 15 when the small game season opens up , just imagine how fast you will get your limit of partridge or rabbit.

Just imagine how many piles of blueberry bear scat you will see along the way.


There is plenty of mature wood on your property so you can utilize your trees to build that log cabin you have always dreamed of building.

Build it so that you overlook the creek and the ponds.


Cut out ATV trails and they soon become game trails and you can place your tree stands at the end of each trail.



You won’t hear horns, and traffic, and noise….you will actually be able to see and hear the many bird species out there.

The closet neighbour is about a half away to the east and about 2 miles away to the west, so you will have lots of freedom to enjoy your land your way.


This property is a mix of small ridges and small valleys with some flat areas that are perfect building or camping sites.

Bring your ATV or ARGO or SNOWMOBILE and explore the surrounding Crown Lands, starting from your own property.

With so much undeveloped land in the area you will never run out of new places to explore.

Far from city lights, you are bound to see something in the night skies you cannot explain, and this area is well known for the NORTHERN LIGHTS in late summer.



This is your opportunity to GO OFF THE GRID as there are no services in this area or to the property.

For power you would have to use SOLAR or WIND, or PROPANE or GENERATOR or a combination of any or all of these.

For heat you would most likely have a wood stove or an outdoor wood furnace.



Crown land surrounds this property on all four sides.

There are more than a few thousand acres of Crown Lands that can be accessed.



We reviewed the original patent of this property and find that this property comes with the following rights.

SURFACE RIGHTS come with this property.

TREE RIGHTS come with this property (other than the “Pine Trees which are reserved to the Crown”).




There are MATURE TREES on this property.

Typical trees on this property are Spruce trees, Poplar trees and the odd Birch tree and Tamarack Trees.

We met with a forester who has been on the property and who estimates that there are about 128 loads of marketable timber on the property.

He says that any timber contractor who is harvesting the nearby Crown lands would be interested in the timber on this property pay a property owner for this wood.

That’s not a bad idea as the result of a timber contractor coming in to harvest your timber is that he would have to build a road into the property in order to haul the timber out on trucks.

So, you end up having a road of some sort right into your property.

Please note that this would happen only if a timber harvester was already harvesting on the nearby Crown lands.

It may not happen today or next year or even for 5 years but eventually the Crown lands will be harvested.



BARNET CREEK flows through this property in a north/south direction.

With all it’s twists and turns there is almost three quarters (¾) of a mile of creek within the property..

Since Barnet Creek has Speckle Trout (Brook Trout) it would stand to reason that this small creek would have the same.

The local beavers have been busy and have created some small ponds along this creek.

We are told the creek does not freeze completely so it does flow somewhat in winter.

The ponds and portions of the creek must be quite deep (over 5 feet) in order for the Speckle Trout to survive the winter freeze.



A review of elevation maps show that the elevation of this property rises very little from the front to the back of the property.

The north section of the property varies from 10 meters to 20 meters higher than the south section of the property so it is of a rolling type of terrain.

The south section appears to be quite level.


Like to Hunt?

It’s What We Do Here.

This property and this area is located in the middle of the Northern Ontario Wilderness region on the doorstep of the untamed James Bay region.

Enjoy access to big game hunting for Moose and Black Bear.

Imagine hunting your own land and hunting on the Crown lands adjacent to your property.

Go a little further and you have access to tens of thousands of acres of Crown Land to hunt on.

WMU 28


Like to Fish?

You can be fishing for Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Perch and Northern Pike.

This area enjoys many rivers and creeks and some smaller lakes to fish on.


You can fish for Speckle Trout right on your own property.



Lots of blueberries to be picked here and along the old forest roads that lead towards this property.

Visit your property in blueberry season and enjoy these tasty, healthy berries.



Take advantage of abundant white gold (THE SNOW) and enjoy many hundreds of well groomed, safe and adventurous snowmobile trails, all within this District’s backyard!

The trail network extend to Timmins, Iroquois Falls, and Québec.

In addition to the trails network, there are an ample number of local trails.


ATV Trails

If you like to ride your ATV along trails then you will love this area as there are trails all over the area.

Find Crown Lands that have been recently harvested and ride all the skid trails they made to haul out the timber.

Follow old trails to some wonderful fishing and hunting spots on the Crown Lands.

There are a lot of old trails that come to the property or even very close so if you brush them out they will also make excellent snowmobile trails in winter.


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