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$399,000.00 CDN - File 83SP - 470 acres of pristine land in the Larder Lake area


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Direct access via Martin Bird Road

WMU 28 Hunting

Deep History of Gold Exploration



This is an opportunity that has endless possibilities.

Have your own piece of paradise to explore.

This is a property that you can bring the whole family and teach your children how to hunt and fish on your own property and live off the land.


About the property:

A total of 470 acres is made up of 2 parcels of land.  The Northern parcel is approximately 240 acres, and 700 meters South is the Southern parcel, which is approximately 230 acres.

The Norther parcel is surrounded by crown land on the East, West, and Southern borders.  This parcel is just touching the Southern most bay on Larder Lake.  It also has Sharp Creek located in the Northwest Corner of the property.  You can access the Northern parcel via Martin Bird Road.

The Southern parcel is surrounded by crown land on all sides except on the Southeast corner.  On that corner there is a 20-acre parcel that is privately owned.  There is an old logging road that runs 3.82km (2.4 miles) from Highway 624  to the Southern portion.  We do not know the condition of this logging road.

  • TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY except for the PINE TREES which are reserved to the CROWN


Sharp Creek: In the Northwest corner of the Northern parcel sits a large open area of Sharp Creek.  At the widest section, this creek is approximately 200 meters wide.


Trees harvested and planted:

The trees were harvested more than 30 years ago.   Once the harvest was complete they planted White and Black Spruce and Fir trees throughout the property.  These trees have had 30 years of growth.

** Tree report can be provided upon request.


Hunting: WMU 28

Being able to hunt on your own 470 acres of land that is known for its rich Moose and Bear population, or step over your property line and have tens of thousands of acres to hunt and explore on.

Build hunting stands throughout the property.  Create trails and access routes to make it easier for animals to roam through your forested areas, the perfect setup for the avid hunter and his friends.

Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 28 is located in the Kirkland Lake District of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). The unit is bounded by the Quebec border to the east, the Montreal River to the south, the Black River, Watabeag River, Englehart River and Montreal River to the west, and Lake Abitibi and the Abitibi River to the north. The unit covers an area of more than 10,000 square kilometres and is part of Cervid Ecological Zone (CEZ) C2



The Larder Lakes area and these two parcels of land have a very interesting history for gold deposits and mining. Located within the "Larder Lake-Cadillac Fault Zone", a geologic region rich in precious metals, the town was the site of the first gold rush in northeastern Ontario.  In 1936, a large gold deposit was discovered in Larder Lake, leading to the establishment of several productive mines.

Ontario Highway 66 was built in the 1930s to connect the various mining towns in the region. The highway connected Larder Lake to Kirkland Lake in the west, and to other mining communities to the east. The section between Kirkland Lake and Larder Lake was paved in 1944.

*** We have a mining report created by an engineer from Queens University, which can be provided upon request.



The seller is willing to hold AN OPEN MORTGAGE for a buyer who has the required down payment of $200,000.

If you have the down payment of $200,000 then the seller will hold an OPEN MORTGAGE of $300,000 at the interest rate of 8% on your choice of the following terms;

On a 3-year term and a 10-year amortization the payment is $3,619.23

On a 3-year term and a 15-year amortization the payment is $2,844.46

On a 3-year term and a 20-year amortization the payment is $2,485.07

On a 3-year term and a 25-year amortization the payment is $2,289.64



A review of the official plan and zoning by-law of Larder Lake shows that the zoning in some sections of the Northern and Southern parcels are zoned Natural Resources.  The permitted uses in the NR zoning are as follows:


5.17.1 Permitted Uses

  • Agricultural Use
  • Camp (See Section 4.6) **See below for section 4.6 details**
  • Conservation Use
  • Forestry
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Existing Residential Uses
  • Sawmill
  • Existing Tourist Commercial Establishments
  • Accessory uses, buildings and structures to the foregoing permitted uses (See Section 4.1 Accessory Uses, Section 4.2 Accessory Residential Uses, Section 4.15 Home Based Businesses)

Camp 4.6  Camp (Hunt Camp, Fishing Camp)Means a building or structure intended to provide basic shelter and accommodation on a short term basis for persons engaged in such activities as hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking or other similar forms of recreation and to which no public services are provided (hydro, water,
sewage, garbage collection, or road maintenance).

5.17.3 Additional Provisions

(a) Notwithstanding Section 5.17.2, reconstruction of existing residential uses in the Natural Resources (NR) Zone shall be subject to the zone requirements of

Section 5.7 of this By-law (Recreational Residential (R4) Zone Requirements).

(b) Notwithstanding Section 5.17.2, reconstruction of existing tourist commercial establishments in the Natural Resources (NR) Zone shall be subject to the zone

requirements of Section 5.11 of this By-law (Recreational Commercial (RC Zone Requirements).

(c) A camp shall be permitted as the main use or as an accessory use of a lot in the Natural Resources (NR) Zone.

(d) Accessory uses, buildings and structures, accessory residential uses, bed and breakfast establishment, fences, parking, street frontage, special separation

distances, camp provisions, water supply and sewage disposal and other general provisions shall be in accordance with Section 4 of this By-law.



5.16.1 Permitted Uses

  • Conservation Use
  • Public Use (See Section 4.26)
  • Accessory uses, buildings and structures to the foregoing permitted uses (See Section 4.1)

5.16.3 Additional Provisions

(a) No buildings or structures of any kind shall be erected in the Environmental

Protection (EP) Zone.


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