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$95,000.00 CDN - File 83SP - 80-Acres in Currie Township - $95,000


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Here is your opportunity to own a pristine piece of land.

Create a hobby farm and live off the land.

Set up a base camp for your hunting adventures



Mineral Rights come with this property

Surface Rights come with the property

Tree Rights come with this property



This property comes with 2,570 feet of road frontage along Grindstone Road.

The road is maintained throughout the winter months from Highway 101 to Otter Road.

Otter Road is approximately 2.5km North of the subject property



The property enjoys 783 meters (2,570 feet) more or less of frontage along the East side of Grindstone Road and has a depth of 408 meters (1,340 feet).

The Northwest section of this property was used as a hobby farm many years ago.  There hasn’t been much use on it for a while.

The current owner has owned the property since 1995 and has never harvested the trees.  They mentioned that they were mature when they purchased the property as well.

If you harvest a large section of trees, put in some hard work and cultivate the fields, you will then have some nice productive fields located in THE GREAT CLAY BELT to grow on.

The property is quite level throughout and reviewing the contour maps and the aerial photos, there doesn’t appear to be any low spots or swampy areas.



 The Clay Belt is a vast tract of fertile soil stretching between the Cochrane District in Ontario, and Abitibi County in Quebec, covering 180,000 square kilometres (69,000 sq mi) in total, with 120,000 square kilometres (46,000 sq mi) of that in Ontario.

The Clay Belt is the result of the draining of the Glacial Lake Ojibway around 8,200 BP, whose lakebed sediment forms the modern landform.

The Clay Belt is surrounded by the Canadian Shield, forming an island of "southern flatlands" in the midst of the hilly and rocky surroundings.



You can take Grindstone Road north to Highway 101.  Once at highway 101 you can head:

West to Timmins, which is only a 45 minute drive.


East to Black River-Matheson, which is located only 20 minutes away from the subject property




The provisions of this Section shall apply in all Rural (RU) Zones in addition to the General Provisions set

out in this By-law, except as otherwise provided in this By-law.

9.1.1 Permitted Uses

No person shall within any Rural (RU) Zone, use any lot or erect, alter or use any building or structure for

any purpose except one or more or the following uses:


  • Agricultural use                                                                      • Agricultural-related use
  • Bed and breakfast establishment                                • Camp
  • Campground                                                                            • Community gardens
  • Conservation use                                                                  • Duplex dwelling
  • Existing commercial use                                                   • Existing industrial use
  • Existing institutional use                                                  • Existing salvage yard
  • Forestry use                                                                             • Garden suite
  • Home industry                                                                        • Home occupation
  • Kennel                                                                                          • Landfill site
  • Marina                                                                                          • Mineral exploration
  • Mineral extraction • Mining use
  • Mobile home dwelling • Park
  • Pit • Quarry
  • Recreation use • Seasonal dwelling
  • Semi-detached dwelling • Single-detached dwelling
  • Sewage treatment facility • Wayside pit or wayside quarry
  • Private cabin, accessory to a seasonal dwelling

9.1.2 Zone Requirements

No person shall within any Rural (RU) Zone, use any lot or erect, alter or use any building or structure

except in accordance with the following provisions:

(a) Minimum Lot Area - 0.8 ha

(b) Minimum Lot Frontage - 100 m

(c) Minimum Lot Depth - 80 m (By-law No. 2019-13)

(d) Minimum Front Yard Setback - 15 m

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