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$1,200,000.00 CDN - File 89ES - 469.37 acres on NightHawk Lake east of the City of Timmins in Northeastern Ontario.  Price; $1,200,000 Cdn.


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A huge lakefront property.







This is your chance to own your own drive to waterfront recreational compound or your chance to buy a beautiful property with a huge development opportunity for now or in the future.

ONLY about 15 minutes east of the City Of Timmins in Northeastern Ontario and more specifically (for the coffee lovers) only 15 minutes from Tim Horton's in South Porcupine!


The property size is 469.37 acres or 189.95 hectares.

In a straight line from one end of the property to the other end it is 2.66 kilometers or about 1.65 miles..

Following the shoreline the property has about 10,500 feet or 3,200 meters or about 3.2 kilometers or about 2 miles of shoreline on Night Hawk Lake

Access on the east side by Retreat Road on the west side can be by Peninsula Road if you make a deal with another property owner for about an 80 meter strip of land.

Both roads are municipally maintained by the City of Timmins.

Electrical power is along Retreat Road and the power can be brought into the property.

You also have electrical power along Peninsula Road.

There is gravel on the property that you can use in making more roads and driveways.


This property is within Cody Township which is within the boundary of the City of Timmins.

Cody Township is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP and that is a good thing as the consenting authority for any subdivisions or condominiums is the City of Timmins.


NightHawk Lake is a large lake with good fishing (Walleye and Northern Pike ) and excellent boating.


Advantages of this property

Year round road access

Roads are maintained by the City of Timmins

Electrical power is available along both roads and can be brought into the property.

Just over 3,200 meters of frontage on the lake following the shoreline.

The City of Timmins is only 15 minutes away and that will be the major source of buyers for any proposed development.


Gravel pit inside the subject property.. Only 15 minutes from Tim Horton's in South Porcupine. Ideal property for a developer!


Potential for development into seasonal recreational waterfront lots.

A rough estimate says you can probably get 42 seasonal recreational waterfront lots with 50 meters (164 feet frontage).

A depth of 125  meters (410 feet deep).

These sizes make the lots 0.62 Hectares in size (1 1/2 acres).

The 42 lots would absorb only 63 acres and the rest of the property of approximately 400 acres can be split into 10 additional lots with access to the lake if you leave 1 of the 42 lots as legal access to the lake for the 10 large properties.

There are two ways that you could develop this property.

One is as a plan of subdivision.

The other is as a vacant land condominium.

The consenting authority for either type of development is the City Of Timmins.




Repayment terms can be flexible.

Will take conditional offer on financing or on getting a plan registered.

THE SELLER also owns the VILLARS BAY RESORT CAMPGROUND so any buyer of this property will be required to sign a non-competition agreement wherein they agree to not open or develop a campground on this property. This non-competition agreement will be a condition of the sale.


The property is zoned RD-RDU and within this zoning the permitted uses include tourism and recreational uses, and limited residential development.

Waterfront development is also included in the Resource Development Area as long as it meets the criteria as set below in the zoning by-law.


Big game hunting in this area is good by anyone’s standards.

Big game include moose and black bear.

Small game hunting is very good.

Excellent WATERFOWL HUNTING along this shore of Nighthawk Lake.

Located in WMU 29

There are numerous trails on the property and in the area where someone looking for ATV trails can have a great time exploring.


Fishing on NIGHTHAWK LAKE is very good.

Fish found in Nighthawk Lake are walleye, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Sauger and Burbot.



The property is zoned RD-RDU


3.4.1 Intent of Designation

The Resource Development Area designation, as shown on Schedule “A” – Land Use Plan, is intended to provide areas for land use activities or uses which may be incompatible with those found in other land use designations, which require large tracts of land, which involve resource-related activities or are centered on the natural uses recognizing the potential of the natural environment. It is the intent of this Plan to protect and sustainably manage as much of the renewable and non-renewable natural resource base as is realistically possible for resource and resource-related land use activities for short or long term economic utilization. The policies of this Plan recognize the importance of managing lands with the potential for one or more resource uses, the need to minimize land use conflicts, the need to restore land for subsequent land uses and the need for stewardship of natural heritage features and areas and the natural environment.

3.4.2 Permitted Uses

A broad range of uses is contemplated by this designation including, but not limited to, mining activities, forestry activities, mineral aggregate operations, peat extraction, agricultural operations, resource-related uses, tourism and recreational uses, storage facilities, transportation facilities, infrastructure corridors, waste disposal and recycling facilities and limited residential development. An amendment to the Zoning By-law may be required for any proposed mineral mining operation or mineral aggregate operation.

3.4.3 Waterfront Development

Waterfront development in the Resource Development Area, including seasonal and permanent residential uses and commercial uses, will only be permitted where there is demonstrated capacity of the water body to accommodate the intended development and in compliance with Section 3.4.5 – Planning Principles. More specifically, development on lakes identified to be near or at capacity or identified to be a cold water lake trout lake may only be permitted where an impact report indicates that such development will not result in a decline in the water quantity or quality of the lake or water body (i.e. through increased phosphorus loading enrichment, a reduction in oxygen levels or water taking), except on existing lots of record.

A lake capacity plan, where prepared, shall use provincially acceptable modeling techniques for determining lake capacity. Lake capacity plans may be prepared by the proponent of the development, by the municipality or through a partnership i.e. lake association, municipality, private interest. Priority will be given to preparing lake capacity plans for lakes facing development pressures in the municipality.

The design and development or redevelopment of shoreline properties shall also include provision for the establishment and/or retention of the natural features and shoreline (riparian) vegetation.

Development setbacks shall be implemented as a measure to conserve shoreline features, protect the ecological functions of the shorelines and water bodies and protect property against damage from natural hazards.

In the design and development of waterfront areas, the City will ensure that provision is made for public access to shorelines. This may be achieved through the retention of shore road allowances, retention


Night Hawk Lake

Night Hawk Lake is a lake within the boundary of the City of Timmins, Cochrane District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.

It is in the James Bay drainage basin and is the source of the Frederick House River, which flows via the Abitibi River and Moose River to James Bay.

Night Hawk Lake is the largest lake within the boundaries of the City of Timmins.

Max. length        33 km (21 mi)

Max. width         11 km (6.8 mi)

Surface elevation             274 m (899 ft)

A review of the MNR’s Fish-On-Line website shows that Nighthawk Lake has a surface area of 9,839.9 Hectares or about 24,300 acres.

That is one big lake!

It also shows that the average depth of Nighthawk Lake is 1.7 meters and the deepest part is 4.6 meters.


City of Timmins

The city is the fourth-largest city in the Northeastern Ontario region with a population of close to 50,000 residents.

The Timmins area is Ontario’s premiere four-season destination, a destination for the adventurous vacationers, families, and travelers from around the world who are in search of unique, un-crowded and memorable experiences.

The primary economy is based around mineral extraction and the logging industry and is supported by  secondary industries.

The city has all the  amenities, resources and services you would need.

Timmins serves as a regional service and distribution centre.


Timmins Victor M. Power Airport (Formerly Timmins Airport)

Owned and operated by the City of Timmins, this airport is one of the largest airports in Northern Ontario.

The Airport is a convenient gateway to Toronto and northern communities.

The Timmins Airport is approximately 11 kilometers north of the city business district. The airport has two runways (main runway is 6,000 feet and secondary runway is 4,900 feet), a flight service station, precision landing aids and a 24 hour weather reporting operation. World fuels stations are located at the airport for full aviation and aircraft servicing requirements.

The following airlines fly into or out of this airport.

Air Canada, Porter Airlines, Bearskin Airlines, Air Creebec, Thunder Airline


 Distances To The City of Timmins

Toronto 720 kms

Ottawa 722 kms

Montreal 848 kms

Sudbury 294 kms

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