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$38,000.00 CDN - File 92 -  160 Acres in UNORGANIZED Egan Township $38,000 Canadian


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Located south of the Town of Matheson in Northeastern Ontario and southeast of the City of Timmins, Ontario.





If you love the outdoors and all that it offers, then this property is a nature lover's paradise.


We would class this property as a “REMOTE ACCESS” property.

You can drive a certain distance (2.3 kilometers) by truck on a good gravel road.

Then, you have to use an ATV or an ARGO to go the rest of the way (about 3.4 kilometers) to the property.




TREE RIGHTS COME WITH THIS PROPERTY other than the “Pine Trees” which are reserved to the Crown.


The mature wood was harvested about 6 years ago and the new growth is coming up very nicely.

The wood was harvested in winter as the logging company constructed a winter road to get access to the timber on the property.

After the snow and ice melted what remains is a very decent ATV/ARGO trail.

PLEASE NOTE: The aerial photos we show of this property on this web site were taken BEFORE THE TIMBER WAS HARVESTED.

This property would appeal to the hunters who want privacy.

Where you won’t have people just stopping by as they would really have to know how to find you.


There is a creek that flows through the property and that creek flows into the Watabeag River which is just west of this property.

The logging people told me that the creek originates to the northeast of the property on Crown land and is from a spring.

That makes sense as the creek is a brook trout creek and they live in clean clear water.

The Watabeag River is about 530 meters to the west of this property through Crown Land.

The river averages from 30-40 feet wide in most places.

It wouldn’t be that difficult to create an ATV/ARGO trail from this property to the river so that you can canoe or kayak up and down the river and do some good river fishing.


There are thousands of acres of Crown land around this property as the property abuts Crown land on the east side, the west side and the south side.


PLEASE NOTE: The aerial photos we show of this property on this web site were taken BEFORE THE TIMBER WAS HARVESTED.


There are not many property owners in all of Egan Township.

In fact in a township that is 6 miles by 6 miles or 9.65 kilometers by 9.65 kilometers there are only 34 property owners.

Now, just think 6 miles x 6 miles is 36 square miles.

36 square miles x 640 acres per square mile is 23,040 acres in the township.

AND THERE ARE ONLY 34 property owners who own a total of 3,360 acres of land.

There are 19,680 ACRES OF CROWN LAND in Egan Township.

That is a lot of Crown land to hunt on and play on!


Most of the property is high and dry with some low areas along the creek.


Like to hunt?

Moose, Black Bear, small game like Partridge and Rabbit.

Get yourself a trapping licence and trap many fur bearing animals like mink, marten, fox, wolf and more.

LOCATED IN Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 28

Very close by is WMU 29 which is on the west side of the Watabeag River.



Blueberry Picking

This property in the midst of the best blueberry country found anywhere.

When you visit your property in the summer plan on enjoying a number of days picking some of nature's bounty.


The Matheson area is a Winter Wonderland.                                                                                                                                          The area offers an incredible variety of activities for winter enthusiasts. With some of the best ice fishing in Northeastern Ontario and over 384 kilometers of well-groomed snowmobile trails as well as cross country skiing.


PLEASE NOTE: The aerial photos we show of this property on this web site were taken BEFORE THE TIMBER WAS HARVESTED.

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