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$50,000.00 CDN - File 93 - 41.75 Acres in Taylor Township $50,000 Canadian


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What a great place to buy and start hobby farming.

Raise your own animals and grow your own vegetables.

Raise your kids here.


We have a 41.75 acre property that is located in Taylor Township which is within the boundary of the Municipality of Black River-Matheson in Northeastern Ontario.

Therefore Taylor Township is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.


The property is situated east of the City of Timmins, northwest of the Town of Matheson and a very short distance to Highway 11.

Red Squirrel Road runs in front of the property.

This is a municipally maintained gravel road.

You can drive to the property in a car or a mini van.


You are in the middle of FARM COUNTRY.

In fact almost one third of this property has the remains of an old hay field that over the years has started to grow back into some bush land.

It can be brought back to hay field with a little work.

The terrain is of a rolling type of terrain.

The soil in this area certainly supports growing hay and if you can grow hay then you can grow corn and root vegetables.

Most everyone in the rural areas have some sort of a garden so you can grow your greens, herbs, and vegetables.

As you drive along Highway 101 you will often see fresh vegetables for sale and free range eggs for sale.

There is a market for fresh vegetables and more from the residents of the City of Timmins.


There is a small brook/creek that runs along the south portion of the property in an east/west direction and it flows into the DRIFTWOOD RIVER which is to the west of the property.

Looking at the contour map it appears that this brook/creek originates from the easterly side of this property.


This current owner has owned this property since 1969.

That is 50 YEARS.

He is now 93 years old and wants to sell.

He is looking for a cash sale and is not interested in financing a sale.


The owner states that there is gold on this property.

Many years ago the owner had an Airborne Magnetic Survey shown him by a geologist who worked closely with a gold mining property.

This survey suggested that there was a north-south trending fault that may occupy the eastern part of this property.

So, if the price of gold goes up you may have a gold company knocking at your door wanting to make a deal.





Can you fish around here?


The Driftwood River offers some very fine fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike.

You can go up and down this winding river in a canoe, kayak or a small boat for tens of kilometers.

To the south the river goes to Moose Lake and to the north the river empties into the Black River which in turn empties into the Abitibi River.

In addition there are quite a few lakes nearby to fish on and many other creeks and small rivers .

How about hunting?

This property is located in WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT UNIT (WMU) 29.

You will find black bear, deer, moose, wolf and small game.

In addition there is pretty good waterfowl hunting in the area.


The property is zoned RURAL and here are the permitted uses.


The major part of the municipality of Black River-Matheson is designated as a Rural Area in which the predominant use of the land shall be for forestry, agriculture, mining, aggregate extraction, recreation and other resource development activities; resource‐based recreational activities, limited residential development and other rural land uses.

So, build a farm, put up your residence, barns and other outbuildings necessary for farming.


This property is off the grid but if you really need electrical power in the future and want to be on the grid then the closest pole is about 2.4 kilometers to the north.

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