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$17,000.00 CDN - File 96 -  39.61 Acres in Shaw Township

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File 96 -  39.61 Acres in Shaw Township $17,000 Canadian

This is an exciting opportunity to purchase an entry level remote property at a very good price.

IF YOU LIKE TO ROUGH IT then you will like this property.

IF YOU LIKE TO HUNT AND FISH then you will like this property.

IF YOU LIKE PRIVACY AND A QUIET AREA then you will like this property.


A beautiful HUNTING PROPERTY in a great hunting area.


Located in Shaw Township southeast of the City of Timmins in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.

Shaw Township is within the boundary of the City of Timmins so it is AN ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP.



Mining rights are owned by the Crown.



It has all the elements for good moose or black bear hunting.

There is a good mix of high ground, good tree cover, ponds and creeks within the lower areas.

That is where the moose like to calve and hang out in.

Small game hunting is also very good in this region so grouse and rabbit are aplenty.


THEN, when you get tired of hunting then jump into your canoe or kayak and go down the creek and fish in Goose Lake.


Goose Lake is very close to this property being about 360 feet immediately to the south.

Land owned by the City of Timmins is between this property and Goose Lake.


There is a small creek that flows from this property into Goose Lake. (see the maps)

Goose Lake has fish in it.

Mostly Northern Pike and Perch.

Goose Creek meanders to the north and then east, eventually draining into Night Hawk Lake.


It appears that there is standing timber on over half of the property and the timber is of mature age.

Typically trees in this area are Poplar Trees, Birch Trees and Spruce Trees.


Your neighbours on this property are a private owner to the east, the City of Timmins to the south, Crown lands to the west and to the north.


Access to this property is relatively easy.

At South Porcupine go south on the Langmuir Road for a distance and then east on gravel forest roads and a short ATV/ARGO trail to the westerly line of the property.

A total of 4.8 kilometers on the Langmuir Road and 3.73 kilometers on the gravel roads and you are at the property line.

IMAGINE a grand total of about 8.5 kilometers or 5.3 miles from the community of South Porcupine!

There is lots of sand and gravel in this area and on the property so making trails or creating small roads in the property will not be a big deal.

The forest roads leading to this property are on Crown lands  and one small portion on City Of Timmins land.

These forest roads were created when timber contractors harvested the timber on the Crown lands in the area.

These roads are usually very well built and remain usable for many years.


In winter you can snowmobile to this property.


We mentioned earlier in our story that Shaw Township is an ORGANIZED TOWNSHIP as it is within the boundary of the City Of Timmins.

The City has a rule that if a property DOES NOT front on a municipally maintained road then you are limited as to what you can build.

In this case you can build what is referred to as “A HUNT CAMP”.

“A HUNT CAMP” can be no larger than 500 square feet and is of seasonal use only.

That means that you cannot live there permanently.


There are no services to this property.

You will be OFF THE GRID.


For the hunters.

This property is located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 29.

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