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$45,000.00 CDN - File 98-  90.72 Acres in Shaw Township $45,000


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This is a drive to property

South of the City of Timmins

Build your Hunt Camp

Good hunting in the area


IMAGINE a really good opportunity to buy a hunting property close to town but yet in the middle of nowhere.

Located in Shaw Township which is within the boundary of the City of Timmins.




SURFACE RIGHTS come with this property.

MINERAL RIGHTS come with this property.

ALL TREES are reserved to the Crown but that isn’t such a big deal as the Crown does not come in and cut any trees.

Nor does the Crown allocate cutting rights to those trees on your property to timber companies.

So, really the only people who could harvest those trees is you the property owner.

PLEASE NOTE: a previous property owner had retained a 3% NSR (Net Smelter Royalty) on any mineral production.

That only applies if you enter into a mineral production agreement with a mining company. If you don’t make any deal with a timber company then you don’t have to do anything.



The tree mix on this property is mostly both Poplar Trees and Spruce trees.

The mature trees were harvested back in 1995 some 26 years ago.

At that time anything under a 6 inch base would not have been harvested so those trees are now 26 years older and the new growth is now 26 years old.

These trees will be anywhere from 20 feet to 40 feet tall depending on the species.


Access to the property

The main access is the Langmuir Road that comes straight south from the Community of South Porcupine.

The Langmuir road is an ALL WEATHER access road that is maintained by the City Of Timmins to within 500 meters of the seasonal gravel road that goes to this property.

The seasonal gravel land starts at the Langmuir Road and goes east through Crown land to this property and it continues through the property and continues on for at least another 3-4 kilometers.

This seasonal road is not plowed in winter so access in winter would be by snowmobile.



Private Land abuts the north portion of the property to the west .

Crown land abuts the north portion of the property to the north and to the east.

Crown land abuts the south portion of the property to the west and to the east.

Land Owned by the City of Timmins abuts the south portion of the property to the immediate south.



The property is in an RD-RU zone

You can only build a “hunt camp” with maximum size of 500 square feet.

3.4.2 Permitted Uses

A broad range of uses is contemplated by this designation including, but not limited to, mining activities, forestry activities, mineral aggregate operations, peat extraction, agricultural operations, resource-related uses, tourism and recreational uses, storage facilities, transportation facilities, infrastructure corridors, waste disposal and recycling facilities and limited residential development. An amendment to the Zoning By-law may be required for any proposed mineral mining operation or mineral aggregate operation.


Like to hunt? Like to Fish?

This property is located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 29.


We saw a property very close to this property last fall and we saw plenty of bear sign and moose tracks.

So we know that the big game is in the area.

Some people we talked to told us that there are some deer in the area as they have seen them.

Following the old timber roads and ATV trails will help you bag your limits of grouse and rabbits.

You can hunt on your property and the Crown lands and then go fishing on the very close creeks and nearby lakes.

Did you know that there are 3 lakes within a 5 to 10 minute DRIVING DISTANCE and there are over 12 lakes within a 15 to 25 minute DRIVE of this property?



Timmins to Toronto 702 kilometers

Timmins to North Bay 362 kilometers

Timmins to Kingston 809 kilometers

Timmins to Niagara Falls 800 kilometers

Timmins to Windsor 1,024 kilometers

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